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John Gruber on the iPad Mini’s Screen, Price and Name

by on October 18th, 2012

John Gruber from Daring Fireball breaks down three questions we’re all wondering about when it comes to the iPad mini’s screen, price and name. His astute analysis is pretty spot when it comes to Apple. As for the iPad mini he believes it won’t debut with a Retina display.

As for the price he believes it will be comparable to the new 5th generation iPod touch at $299 but won’t cannibalize sales because a sale is still a sale for Apple:

Second is that Apple has no problem if iPod sales, including the Touch, continue to be cannibalized by other iOS devices. If a customer walks into the store and sees a (say) $249 smaller iPad and decides to buy that instead of a $299 iPod Touch simply because it’s cheaper and bigger at the same time, that’s still a win for Apple. The customer just bought an iPad.

On the other hand, if a customer walks into the Apple Store and wants to buy something that will fit in their pants pocket or strap onto their arm while exercising, the iPad isn’t even in the picture. They’re going to buy an iPod Touch or an iPhone; it’s simply a question of which one.

Don’t worry about comparing the price of the new smaller iPad to the iPod Touch. It’s a different category. Compare it to the price of competing tablets and to the regular iPad. That’s all that matters.

Makes sense to me. Check out the rest of what Gruber has to say here. Bring on next Tuesday.

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