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FAQ: Canadians Buying iPads from the USA

by on April 14th, 2010

Okay, so it looked like the April 24th rumour about the iPad launch in Canada has taken a twist. Not because we were wrong, but because Apple threw everybody a curve ball. I’ve spoken to my source and the so called ‘black out’ date still stands, and actually has been extended into May.

The iPad will be released on May 29th in Canada, with preorders starting on May 10th. Can’t wait that long for your iPad (here’s our prediction on Canadian pricing)? Then you should head down south to pick one up. With our strong Canadian dollar, I can’t think of a better time to head across the border!

This FAQ will address any questions related to buying an iPad in the USA and bringing it back for use in Canada. Feel free to add more information in the comments if you wish!

——Buying an iPad from the USA——

How much is an iPad in the USA?
– WiFi models: $499/16GB, $599/32GB, $699/64GB
– WiFi + 3G models: $629/16GB, $729/32GB, $829/64GB

Are there any differences in specs between US and Canadian iPad models?
– No. They are the same.

Can I use my Canadian credit card at US Apple Stores?
– Yes. Expect to pay your credit card’s USD exchange rate. But right now, you’re sitting pretty with our strong CDN dollar!

What taxes will I have to pay on iPad purchases in the States?
– You’ll have to pay local State taxes, depending on where you purchase it. My suggestion: drive to Oregon to save (no State tax)! 😉

Will I have to pay duty on my iPad purchase? What about GST/PST?
– No to duty on your iPad. Yes to GST/PST.

Will my USA iPad one year warranty still be valid in Canada?
– Yes, when the iPad is finally launched in Canada. Any warranty issues prior to the Canadian launch, will have to be serviced in the USA.

Will my Applecare warranty be valid in Canada?
– Yes. Applecare is valid throughout the world. So if you buy Applecare from the USA, it’ll work in Canada.

Will Apple.com ship to Canada?
– No.

How can I order an iPad from Apple.com?
**edit** April 16/10: Seems like Apple is canceling orders via Borderlinx. Your results may vary. Let us know if Borderlinx worked for you.
– Use a mail forwarding service, such as Borderlinx. If you sign up using your VISA card, they will waive the $30 registration fee, and you will save 10% off shipping costs for a year.
– Ensure that you call your credit card to add your US forwarding address for your order to complete.

What iPad accessories should I buy?
– Read my review of the Apple iPad case and dock. Personally I like the case, even though it attracts dust easily.

I have a headache. What’s the easiest way to get an iPad from the US?
– Get a friend to bring one back for you (Thanks Ben)! LOL 😉

——–iPad App Store——–

Is the Canadian iPad App Store the same as the US iPad App Store?
– No. The CDN iPad App Store is not live yet. Therefore, you will be unable to download iBooks and iWork, and other US-specific apps.

Can I use my Canadian iTunes account to download apps on the iPad directly?
– No. You will require a US iTunes account.

How can I download FREE apps to my iPad then?!
Option A: Download free iPad apps on your computer through iTunes–sync to iPad.
Option B: Create a US iTunes account without credit card. Login on iPad and download directly.

How can I download PAID apps to my iPad? (edited thanks to @wildsau)
– Search for “HD” apps within iTunes and purchase with your CDN iTunes account.

What if I want to download US-specific apps, such as iBooks or iWork?
Option A: Create a US iTunes account with a Vanilla MasterCard from Shoppers Drug Mart/Safeway
Option B: Buy US iTunes Gift cards from any US Apple Store, or store that sells Apple gift cards. Use with US iTunes account.

**Note: A US iTunes account is convenient, but once the Canadian iPad App Store is launched, updating apps will be a pain as you’ll have to switch back and forth. If you can’t wait to try iBooks, and iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) this is the route to go.

What are some must have iPad apps?
– Check out my current Top 5 Favourite iPad Apps.

Did you make the trek to the USA to get your iPad (or order online to a US address)? Share your experiences with others looking to do the same!

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