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Moshi iVisor XT and iGlaze XT for New iPad [Review]
by on June 28, 2012


Previously, I reviewed the Moshi iGlaze Air, for the Macbook Air, and I couldn’t find any major flaws with it.

Moshi also sent me the iGlaze XT for iPad 3rd Gen. and the iVisor XT for iPad.

These two products seem to work in tandem, so I’ll be talking about the two products together in protecting your iPad.

The iVisor XT is a screen protector … Read More

The Original iPad’s Prototype Had Two Dock Connectors [Leaked Photos]
by on May 28, 2012

A new eBay listing (via MacRumors) for a prototype 16 GB original iPad shows two dock connectors, one each in portrait and landscape orientations. It has previously been rumored that Apple originally planned to use dual dock connectors but scrapped the idea in favor of simplicity with just a single port in portrait mode. Even some old patent applications filed on the design of the iPad showed two dock connectors. The device listed on eBay does … Read More

Marvel Releases Iron Man Mark VII Interactive Comic Book For iPad [Free Download]
by on April 14, 2012

Just ahead of Marvel’s upcoming The Avengers movie’s debut, a new interactive comic book for iPad has been released in the App Store, The Avengers: Iron Man Mark VII. The iPad exclusive app which has been developed by Marvel in association with Loud Crow Interactive, brings Tony Stark’s design logs to the tablet from the Mark I Iron Man suit through the new Mark VII suit. Best of all, this Retina iPad ready app is … Read More

Review: Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Mount
by on April 10, 2012

The kitchen is probably the only place in my apartment that Apple’s tech influence hasn’t really touched. Much of it has to do with the difficulty in setting up anything Apple in there. A desktop or laptop set up is generally out of the question given the sheer bulk of it, and the same can be said of an Apple TV. The iPhone’s screen is just too small, so the … Read More

Apple.ca: ‘Reserve and Pickup’ the New iPad at the Apple Store
by on March 23, 2012

Apple Canada has now offered the option for reserve online and in-store pick up for your new iPad. Similar to what we saw last year for the iPad 2 (and numerous occasions with the iPhone), this option requires customers to go online to reserve their iPad on a first-come, first serve basis:

Available for in-store pickup on a first-come,first-served basis. Or reserve it online between 9:00 p.m. and 11:59 p.m. for in-store pickup … Read More

Dictation Key Missing on New iPad? Enable It in Settings!
by on March 16, 2012

Did you get your new Retina Display/LTE iPad today? How are you loving that gorgeous screen? It’s just breathtaking.

One new feature of this iPad is the addition of dictation, which will write down your sentences and anything you throw at it. This is not full blown Siri (that might come later), but it’s a start.

While you have been testing your new iPad, you might have noticed it … Read More

The iOS Innovator’s Dilemna

Innovation has definitely been overused in the tech industry for the last several years and it’s certainly not something I can blame on any one particular individual. We’re all to blame – tech enthusiasts, tech writers and columnists, and even technologists themselves. There’s been such a heavy focus on innovating and pushing out something that’s new, breathtaking and shiny that we often lose sight of the costs of innovation including … Read More

From Consumption to Creation – Apple’s New iPad Strategy
by on March 13, 2012

Oh, new iPad. You’ve definitely outdone yourself this time now. Retina display, quad-core graphics and all the bells and whistles to make an iPad geek like myself very happy. The hardware news was certainly overwhelming, but I think one of the most important takeaways from last week’s Apple announcement was, once again, software related. Not simply was iOS 5.1 released (great on the iPad…some issues with it on the iPhone), … Read More

Digitimes: 7.85″ iPad-Minis Will Have Slim Bezel Displays & Sell For Around US $249
by on March 12, 2012

Sources inside Apple’s upstream supply chain have tipped DigiTimes yet again regarding the widely rumored 7.85 inch iPad-mini and this time, the sources are claiming that Apple will adopt thinner bezel displays for the smaller screen iPads. The publication further suggests that the smaller iPads will not get Retina displays as in the recently released new iPads but will rather get IPS/FFS panels from LG Display and probably AU Optronics … Read More

A Question on Orientation
by on February 14, 2012

Before you, my fellow readers, get all up in arms by this issue, let me be clear. By orientation, I mean either landscape or portrait (or colloquially, hot-dog or hamburger screen orientations). [Afterall, this is a technology site, and not some political blog espousing some view on sexual liberation and same-sex unions.] While this type of orientation may not have the same societal divisiveness as a discourse on the state of … Read More