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Rogers, Bell, Telus, & Virgin: 2 Months Unlimited Flex Plan Data Promo
by on March 18, 2012

Well, well, well, what do we have here? The ‘Big 3’ networks in Canada have magically unified their Flex Tablet Plan promotions, as all of them now offer the same two months unlimited promo for your LTE iPad.

First, Rogers offered the two months unlimited LTE data plan, and now Bell, Virgin, and Telus have done the exact same.

Rogers will double your data for the next four months … Read More

Comparing Rogers, Bell, & Telus: LTE iPad Data Plans [Updated]
by on March 15, 2012

Now that the new iPad has finally been unveiled, its true potential can only be reached with an always-on 4G network. The ‘Big Three’ –Bell, Rogers and Telus – all offer plans that will be ready for your brand-spanking new LTE-enabled iPad.

To get people on the 4G bandwagon, the ‘Big Three’ all offer two options: monthly plans and flex-rate plans. And the great thing is that you don’t have to sign … Read More

Telus Flex Data Plan Promo: Almost ‘Unlimited’ Overages for $5 for First 2 Months

Telus has just introduced a new data flex plan promotion, according to MobileSyrup. The plan offers users a cap of $5 in overages each month for the first two months after activation. Also activation fees will be waived. Looks like this is a promo to get people to jump onto the Telus LTE network to try it out first, before they get to Rogers or Bell:

Starting on March 16 … Read More

Telus Releases Tablet Data Sharing Plan
by on September 21, 2010

This week, Telus has launched a new tablet data sharing plan that works with iPad. As many are aware, Rogers and Bell have similar options in place for iPad owners.

The Telus tablet sharing plan works exactly like the Bell and Rogers plans. In order to qualify, you must already have a smartphone with a data plan.

In this case, that means one of the Clear Choice Voice and DataRead More

iPad 3G Network Speed Test: Rogers vs Bell vs Telus
by on June 7, 2010

The iPad’s launch in Canada has been quite successful so far according to your latest opinions on the device. I already told you my review of the iPad but what I haven’t touched on is which network is best for iPad 3G users? We have covered the iPad 3G plans from Rogers, Telus and Bell. As for which carrier to go with, that comes down to … Read More

Telus Officially Launches iPad Data Plan
by on May 29, 2010

Update May 31/10: After contacting Telus PR, they have answered some questions. There is no way to cap data at 500MB, as users must self monitor. Also, the data plan is capped at 5GB. Plus, Telus iPad app coming soon.

Today, Telus officially revealed their Apple iPad data plan.

The iPad 3G + WiFi data plan from Telus contrasts sharply against the existing Rogers and Bell data … Read More

Telus Releases iPad 3G Data Plans?
by on May 28, 2010

Update 1: Looks like Best Buy “tickets” indicate a $50 for 5GB plan from Telus. Also, the first month of activation on 3G is unlimited data. Also reports of a $35 setup fee.

Update 2: Click here to read our updated post on the official Telus iPad plans.

Thanks to the guys in the comments for the updates!

Do you have your iPad yet? What model did you buy? If you’re … Read More

Telus And Bell To Support Apple iPad At Launch
by on May 25, 2010

Email reports this week have indicated that both Telus and Bell will be supporting the iPad on launch day, this Friday May 28th.

While Telus and Bell have been quiet regarding iPad data plans and micro-SIM cards, various Apple Stores across Canada have been receiving shipments of Telus and Bell microSIM cards.

There are no data plans announced yet from Telus and Bell, but the packages will likely be similar, if not … Read More

How to Use 3G iPad with Rogers, Fido, Bell and Telus in Canada
by on May 11, 2010

**Disclaimer**: The following should ONLY be tried at your own risk. We assume no responsibility should any damage occur to your iPad or SIM card. This post is for educational purposes only. Repeat: Try at your own risk.

Pre-orders for the iPad in Canada started yesterday. The official iPad launch in Canada is May 28th. Rogers iPad Data plans were also revealed, including their SNAFU on the $20 … Read More

How To Use The iPad 3G + WiFi In Canada: Canada Pre-Launch
by on May 5, 2010

As Canadians must still wait for the iPad to hit Canada, some of us have already made the trip down south to pick up either an iPad WiFi or the iPad 3G + WiFi. Apple has officially stated that preorders for Canada will start on May 10, 2010 and that the iPad will be available in late May 2010.

So for those that have the iPad 3G + WiFi … Read More