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Tether Your iPad with Your iPhone
by on March 1, 2010

With the iPad pre-orders set to start any day now, most of you will need to decide whether to get the WiFi version or the WiFi+3G version. Now if you already have an iPhone (especially with Rogers 6GB data plan), you may wish to save a bit of cash and opt for the WiFi-only iPad, and wirelessly tether off your iPhone.

Jailbroken iPhones can install applications like MyWi ($9.99) which basically … Read More

Could the iPad Make Board Games Redundant?

Dev is a new addition to the ipadincanada.ca team, bringing you insights into everything iPad related!

While recently playing Monopoly on my iPhone with three others, it became clear that playing this on the iPad would be a totally different experience. Not only do software versions of a games allow for animation, sounds, statistics, speed and customization, but also the ability to carry with you countless board games in … Read More

What to Expect After the iPad–Great Things to Come
by on February 28, 2010

Now that the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics have ended, what are we going to do now? Well, we can look forward to the release of the iPad at the end of the month! Apple has been releasing revolutionary products over the years, but what about the future?

Gizmodo took some time to predict what kind of products we can expect after the iPad. I think these predictions just might come true…what … Read More

An iPad Desktop Wallpaper for your Mac/PC
by on February 27, 2010

Counting down the days for the iPad to arrive in Canada? Well, you can get a little bit closer to the iPad by using the following image as your desktop wallpaper. It was taken from the iPad Simulator via the SDK by Rory Piper.

As March is on the horizon, the iPad should arrive in Apple Stores by the end of month. There were rumours of iPad … Read More

iPhone SDK 3.2 beta 3 Released Then Pulled
by on February 23, 2010

**edit** 6:15PM PST, Feb.23/10–looks like the download is available again!

Apple released iPhone OS 3.2 beta 3 for the iPad today for developers, but then suddenly pulled it. This latest beta was supposed to help existing iPhone applications to be seamlessly ported over to the iPad. Even with non-disclosure agreements in place, details of these iPhone OS releases always surface on the web.

Many iPad developers were able to download … Read More

Did the Apple iPad A4 Chip Cost 1 Billion Dollars?
by on February 22, 2010

One of the most interesting revelations of Apple’s iPad announcement was that the A4 processor was made in-house by Apple. Why would Apple go this route? Reasons include their obsession with controlling every single aspect of software and hardware design. Knowing what they are working with will turn a good product into an amazing product.

Also, by creating the chip in-house, Apple reduces its dependency on other chip makers, plus they … Read More

The Latest iPad OS Features Revealed
by on February 21, 2010

With the iPad release imminent in just over a month, it’s hard to visualize what using an iPad will be like until we get our hands on one. Rumours of iPad pre-orders have hit the web, and we’ve also seen the iPad simulator. Recently, 9to5Mac released some interesting “iPad Tidbits” along with some screenshots to give us a better look at the iPad.

Here’s a screenshot of … Read More

1Password for the iPad Preview
by on February 18, 2010

One of my most used apps on my MacBook Pro is none other than 1Password. Hands down, it is the best applications ever created for the Mac. 1Password for the iPhone is equally good as you can sync all your data to the iPhone. What about 1Password for the iPad?

1Password Mockups for the iPad by the Agile Team

Yesterday the Agile team posted on their blog a … Read More

iPad Safari Walkthrough Simulator Video
by on February 17, 2010

The iPad will not be available in Apple Stores until late March. So far, we have only seen promotional videos of the iPad from Apple. Well, the folks at 9to5Mac have put together a video of Safari on the iPad. This walkthrough simulator will give you a taste of what it will be like when you start surfing the web on your couch in April.

Check out the … Read More

iPad App Developers Working Furiously for Launch
by on February 16, 2010

When Apple announced that the iPad would be available in 60 days, you have to wonder, “why 60 days?”. Well, one reason is probably due to the fact that this gives iPad developers enough time to create a plethora of innovative apps in time for the device’s launch.

The New York Times developed their iPad app within three weeks. Other companies are not jumping at the chance to cash in on … Read More