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Stratosphere – A New Take On Tower Defense [Review]

by on March 27th, 2013

A traditional tower defense game has you building towers to stop waves of enemies. Stratosphere, however, is doing something unique. You ‘re still building towers, but you’re also sending waves of monsters trying to get past your enemies towers. The game was created by UBC student┬áMichael Silverwood.

There are three races for you to choose from, and each have their own unique set of towers. That being the case, the races are still well balanced, so you won’t gain an advantage by using one race over another. However, no matter which one you pick you’re always sending the same monsters.



The branching maps are particularly interesting. While most tower defense games have all enemies following a single path, Stratosphere sends a unit down each path. So on a map with three paths, each time you buy a unit three will appear, and one will advance down each path.

Stratosphere also has multiplayer, which looks, and works exactly like single player, except your opponent is controlling the other race. Unfortunately, there is no online multiplayer. So your opponent will have to be sitting across from you, and sharing your iPad to play.

There are also a large number of maps, costumes, and modifiers to unlock – and more are coming soon. You’ll unlock these by purchasing them with the cash you earn from playing. And by changing maps, and activating modifiers you’ll give yourself new challenges to overcome, which really makes Stratosphere infinitely replayable.



Though I found Stratosphere was a cake walk on easy, it really challenged me on the higher difficulty levels. I quickly discovered that striking a winning balance between building towers, and sending monsters was not easy. I had to keep sending monsters, as this increased my income, and allowed me to buy more power monsters and towers, but I also needed to keep building towers to stop the enemy.

If you like tower defense, and are interesting in trying something new, you can download Stratosphere for $2.99 from the App Store here. Then, tell us about your game winning strategy.

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