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The Final Design Of The New iPad May Not Have Been Exactly What Apple Wanted
by on May 6, 2012

If you are a big fan of Apple and their products, you have probably followed the rumour mill and the various “leaked” design specs. The final product that we get from Apple is sometimes surprising, compared to the rumours we have heard. A recent report by CNET suggests that the final version of The New iPad was not the final design they wanted, and they may have just settled on … Read More

Almost 95% Of Tablet Web Traffic Is Generated By iPad
by on May 5, 2012

Apple has been the global leader in tablet market share ever since it introduced the first iPad back in 2010. While iPad’s market share continues to grow steadily, its major tablet competitors struggle to keep up as indicated by a recent study from Chitika Insights. The study analyzed the popularity of popular tablets by querying an ad network for impressions stemming from a tablet of any sort.  From there, the data … Read More

SwipeSelection: The iPad Text Editing Concept Becomes a Reality [VIDEO]
by on May 4, 2012

Earlier we saw a concept video that showed how text editing on the iPad could be improved, created by Daniel Hooper. Now, that concept has come to life thanks to jailbreak developer Kyle Howells. He has created a usable tweak of the concept called SwipeSelection, reports iDownloadBlog:

But it’s one thing to see a demo video, and a whole another thing to actually use a workable version of said concept. … Read More

Concept Shows Us How Editing Text on the iPad Should Be [Video]

Editing text on the iPad can be slow and cumbersome, but a new concept developed by @danielchooper could change that. He has come up with a video that shows how editing text on the iPad can be improved through a combination of swiping across the keyboard using a couple fingers and more.

Take advantage of gestures by making a drag over the keyboard UI move the cursor. Move the cursor in word … Read More

AnandTech Details How the 32nm iPad 2 Has Better Battery Life

When the new iPad was announced, the iPad 2 dropped in price to $399US/$419CDN. What Apple didn’t tell us was these new price-reduced iPad 2 units are using a new 32nm A5 chip (the same one in the 3rd gen Apple TV) that achieves even better battery life.

AnandTech did benchmark tests and revealed the fine details:

If Apple’s A5 is any indication, Samsung’s 32nm HK+MG process is extremely … Read More

Parallels Mobile Updated To Support New iPad’s Retina Display & iOS 5
by on May 3, 2012

The iOS version of popular remote desktop client Parallels has just been updated to support the new iPad’s high-resolution retina display along with full iOS 5 compatibility. Using Parallels Mobile on an iPhone, iPod touch or an iPad, users can remotely control all the applications on their Mac computers including Windows programs. The iOS app does however require Parallels Desktop for Mac running on the host computer.

From the iTunes:

Access and … Read More

Incase Book Jacket Select (For New iPad) [REVIEW]
by on May 1, 2012

The Book Jacket Select works comfortably with a bluetooth keyboard.

Apple’s Smart Covers have attracted millions with its clean, elegant design and undeniably useful magnetic screen on/off feature – even while leaving the back of the iPad exposed to the elements.

Incase has a case that seriously gives the Smart Cover a run for its money.

But for $45 CDN, it is one … Read More