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Dictation Key Missing on New iPad? Enable It in Settings!
by on March 16, 2012

Did you get your new Retina Display/LTE iPad today? How are you loving that gorgeous screen? It’s just breathtaking.

One new feature of this iPad is the addition of dictation, which will write down your sentences and anything you throw at it. This is not full blown Siri (that might come later), but it’s a start.

While you have been testing your new iPad, you might have noticed it … Read More

Rogers Tablet Flex Data Promo: Unlimited Data For First 2 Months, Double For Next 4

A couple of days back, Telus introduced a new data flex plan promotion offering users a cap of $5 in overages each month for the first two months as well as a waiver for the activation fees. Just now, we have received an email from Rogers notifying us about their latest promo for the new iPad. Starting at just $5 per month, LTE-ready Tablet Flex Rate Plan from Rogers offers its users unlimited data for … Read More

New iPad Unboxing [Video]

The new iPad is now available. It went on sale this morning at 8am – unless you had a 24 hour Walmart in your city, then it was available at 12:01am.

There’s been a lot of excitement about the retina display on this iPad. Every review I’ve seen, they say you have to see it in person to really get a feel of how ‘Resolutionary’ it is.

So without … Read More

Apple Introduces ‘Retina-Ready Apps For New iPad’ Section In App Store

In case you’re planning to grab the latest and greatest new iPad today, then this one should interest you the most. Apple has just launched a brand new section in the iTunes App Store called “Great Apps for the New iPad”, which lists apps which have been optimized for the new iPad’s stunning Retina display.

The section contains 24 different apps that have all been updated and re-submitted to … Read More

The iOS Innovator’s Dilemna

Innovation has definitely been overused in the tech industry for the last several years and it’s certainly not something I can blame on any one particular individual. We’re all to blame – tech enthusiasts, tech writers and columnists, and even technologists themselves. There’s been such a heavy focus on innovating and pushing out something that’s new, breathtaking and shiny that we often lose sight of the costs of innovation including … Read More

Best Buy & Future Shop Online 3rd Gen iPad Sales Have Started
by on March 15, 2012

Best Buy Canada has started their online sales of Apple’s latest 3rd generation iPad, and if you act quickly you can nab one as part of the initial launch. Best Buy retail stores confirmed with us earlier they would start brick and mortar sales at 8AM local time, just like Future Shop.

A quick look over at BestBuy.ca shows all configurations of 3rd gen iPads available, but some are already … Read More

Comparing Rogers, Bell, & Telus: LTE iPad Data Plans [Updated]

Now that the new iPad has finally been unveiled, its true potential can only be reached with an always-on 4G network. The ‘Big Three’ –Bell, Rogers and Telus – all offer plans that will be ready for your brand-spanking new LTE-enabled iPad.

To get people on the 4G bandwagon, the ‘Big Three’ all offer two options: monthly plans and flex-rate plans. And the great thing is that you don’t have to sign … Read More

iPhone Dev Team Says iPad 3 Jailbreak Has a Few Options

This evening, our beloved iPhone Dev Team has posted on thier official blog, that there are a few avenues towards a possible iPad 3 jailbreak. The iPhone Dev Team have been responsible for the Pwnage Tool and Redsn0w jailbreaks, and have also had a hand in the Spirit and JailbreakMe.com jailbreaks.

Interestingly enough, it seems that the same exploit used to jailbreak the iPad, … Read More

Wait in Line With Us at the Apple Store in Edmonton [Live Blog]

We’re hours away from the release of the new iPad in Canada. It goes on sale at 8am at the Apple Store.

I’m waiting in line at Southgate Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. I’m second in line. As of 10:30pm there are about 15 people here. We’re expecting the line to grow steadily through the night, and really pick up closer to opening.

Make sure to keep … Read More

Telus Flex Data Plan Promo: Almost ‘Unlimited’ Overages for $5 for First 2 Months

Telus has just introduced a new data flex plan promotion, according to MobileSyrup. The plan offers users a cap of $5 in overages each month for the first two months after activation. Also activation fees will be waived. Looks like this is a promo to get people to jump onto the Telus LTE network to try it out first, before they get to Rogers or Bell:

Starting on March 16 … Read More