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Apple Selling Out Of Original iPad Inventory
by on March 31, 2011

When Apple dropped the price of the original iPad leading up to the iPad 2 launch, many people who didn’t care for the updates on iPad 2 snapped up the original iPad.

As the iPad 2 launches in Canada, and Apple focusing on iPad 2 production, remaining inventory of the original iPad is running low. Last week, the Apple online store ran out of 16 GB WiFi iPads, and now remaining … Read More

App Store Passes 75,000 iPad Apps!

In the USA, Apple released the original iPad in April 2010. A month later in May, the iPad hit Canada. Fast forward 10 months later and Apple releases the iPad 2. Since the original iPad release in April 2010, the iPad App Store has launched over 75,000 apps!

As of this writing, the number of available iPad apps in the App Store sits at just over 75,100 apps, which has been … Read More

Dell: Apple Will Fail In Enterprise

I love these types of stories.

So Andy Lark, who is Dell’s global head of marketing for large enterprise and public organizations, was speaking to CIO Australia in Sydney and was quoted as follows:

“Apple is great if you’ve got a lot of money and live on an island…It’s not so great if you have to exist in a diverse, open, connected enterprise; simple things become quite … Read More

Canada One of the Biggest Exporting iPad 2 Countries on eBay

Anytime there’s an Apple product launch, people see opportunity to flip the scarce supply on eBay for profit. The iPad 2 launch was impressive for Apple in Canada as lines started the day before.

eBay has released some sales data regarding the iPad 2, via CNET:

What is surprising this time around is that eBay’s data shows a much higher percentage of iPads selling inside of the U.S. compared with the … Read More

Zite Personalized News App Hit with Cease and Decist Letter from Publishers

Zite has been one of my favourite iPad 2 apps so far. This personalized magazine app differs from Flipboard or Pulse because it curates news based on your twitter timeline, Google Reader account, and a smart algorithm. Stories are easy to read and unnecessary ads and links are stripped away. Not only that, it’s a Vancouver-based start up (its technology was started at UBC) that’s created an app worth showing … Read More

OtterBox 10% Off Coupon Code for your iPad 2 Case

If you’re looking for the strongest protection for your iPad or iPad 2, look no further than the cases from OtterBox. They are the industry leaders in making some of the best cases for your phone or iPad. We previously reviewed their Commuter/Defender series for the first iPad.

Get 10% Off OtterBox.com via iPadinCanada.ca

The OtterBox team has been gracious enough to give another 10% … Read More

Sena Leather Cases Bring Luxury To iPad 2
by on March 30, 2011

Ever since I got the original iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010, I have always used leather Sena cases for device protection. The company’s cases are extremely elegant and very classy in any environment.

With the launch of the new iPad, Sena has announced its line of leather cases for iPad 2. The all-leather cases feature different designs, colors, and textures and range from simple velvet-lined pouches to professional … Read More

iFixit Teardowns Show Minor Differences For WiFi, GSM, CDMA iPad 2

Yesterday iFixit announced its completed teardowns of the GSM and CDMA (Verizon) versions of the iPad 2. These two new teardowns join the WiFi iPad 2 teardown performed earlier in March. Since the three types of iPads are similar, iFixit focused on the few areas that differentiate each model from one another.

Between the three iPad models, the aesthetic differences are the 3G antenna strip for the GSM/CDMA iPad 2 and … Read More

How to Sync Old iPad Data with New iPad 2 in iTunes

Did you just upgrade from the original iPad to iPad 2? I’ve had some questions about how to setup your iPad 2 with your original iPad’s data. It’s very simple. Let’s get started.

1. Sync your original iPad in iTunes. A backup will be created.

2. Plug in your new iPad 2 into iTunes. When the setup screen shows the dialogue, “An iPad has been previously synced with this computer,” choose “Restore … Read More

What to do with your old iPad 1?
by on March 29, 2011

Wow… What a rush! There’s nothing like a new product launch weekend to get your heart thumping while you’re standing in line waiting for the latest shiny-object. Thanks to Gary and his army of twitter followers for keeping all of us up to date with inventory numbers.

By now, I’m sure some analyst would have made up some over-inflated ridiculous weekend sales number that is sure to wow the stock market … Read More