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iPad ‘Pad’ Joke Taken To A New Level
by on November 26, 2010

We all know about the ‘pad’ jokes surrounding the iPad. The height of these jokes were mostly around the weeks leading up to the iPad launch and for a time shortly afterward (we all remember the MadTV Parody!).

However, as Steve Jobs predicted, we eventually stopped making fun of the name and got used to the word “Pad” in iPad.

With the leading up to the next generation iPad, there has … Read More

Orange UK Subsidizes iPad WiFi + 3G Pricing, Will Canada Do The Same?

Ever since the iPad was revealed to have a SIM card for 3G data usage, users wondered if the iPad would be subsidized by wireless companies. While this did not occur in Canada (at least not yet), where three wireless carriers (Telus, Bell, Rogers) provide contract-free data plans, other companies have decided to subsidize the iPad.

The company of note here is Orange UK, who is now offering subsidized pricing for 16, … Read More

iPad 2: Retina Display, Gyroscope, and USB Port?

According to a new report from DigiTimes, industry sources are claiming that the next generation iPad will feature five key new features:

Video phone (FaceTime)
Better mobility (Lighter)
USB port
New display technology (Retina Display)
3-axis gyroscope

In other words, the next generation iPad will reportedly include a FaceTime camera, a USB port, a Retina Display, be thinner and lighter, and feature the same iPhone 4 gyroscope.

Numerous reports have come from DigiTimes, such as the recent … Read More

Apple Brings Out iPad Snow Globe Display For Holiday 2010

As Apple prepares for the onslaught of Holiday shoppers (especially today on Black Friday!), the company has started to decorate the front display of many of its retail stores.

The majority of Apple Stores that receive decorations are usually the wider locations with glass front panels. Two examples of such stores would be Oakridge Centre and Richmond Centre in British Columbia.

This year, one of the more extravagant displays is a huge … Read More

8 iPad Apps for the Canadian Hockey Fan

As everyone knows, Hockey is Canada’s game and since the NHL season started a while back I thought it would be time to highlight some of the ways Canadians can keep up with their Hockey news and scores.

In this list, I have focused on information related to the Canadian teams, although I know some Canadians are fans of teams from south of the border.

Disclaimer: Please note that this list is … Read More

2010 Black Friday iPad Deals Round Up
by on November 25, 2010

The Black Friday shopping bonanza started in the USA, but now it’s creeped up to Canada. Below are some of the iPad accessory highlights that might interest you!

If you have some to suggest, write them in the comments and this post will be continually updated.

Apple Black Friday deals ($41 off the iPad in the USA; Canada teaser ad up): Now LIVE–click here.
Save $51 off … Read More

How To Activate AirPrint On Windows

One of the major new features in iOS 4.2.1 is AirPrint, which is the ability to print documents from the iPad over a local wireless network. At this time, AirPrint is Mac only and even then, only works exclusively with a few HP printers.

For Mac users that do not have an AirPrint-compatible printer, there is a Mac application called Printopia that will get things rolling for you. However, … Read More

Apple Australia Reveals Black Friday Discounts For iPad, MacBook Pros

The day before Apple’s annual Black Friday sale in North America, the Australian Apple Online Store sale has already began, giving Canadians an early peek into the discounts.

It seems that almost every Apple device will be receiving some discount as the new MacBook Air and all model MacBook Pros are receiving about $100 discounts. iMac desktops are also receiving similar discounts. It is worth noting that for the computers, the … Read More

Richard Branson Launches Virgin Magazine for iPad
by on November 24, 2010

A few days ago we reported about News Corp launching their iPad-only newspaper. Well, it looks like they will be getting some competition from Virgin. Billionaire Richard Branson is ready to announce a new iPad magazine they are touting as “revolutionary multimedia”.

Virgin will be announcing this new magazine in New York next week. According to The Guardian:

Virgin’s project will be more entertainment and less current affairs focused than the … Read More

ZAGGmate Now Available for Pre-Order

For those looking for the latest ZAGGmate from ZAGG, it’s now available for pre-order again! The ZAGGmate is the latest stand/case for the iPad. There are two versions available–with and without a keyboard.

ZAGGmate features:

Aircraft-grade aluminum with a bead-blasted, anodized finish that matches the iPad
Military grade high-density padding for superior drop protection
Innovative hinge provides ten angles for viewing and typing in both portrait and landscape mode
Stylish, thin and lightweight. … Read More