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What to Expect After the iPad–Great Things to Come
by on February 28, 2010

Now that the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics have ended, what are we going to do now? Well, we can look forward to the release of the iPad at the end of the month! Apple has been releasing revolutionary products over the years, but what about the future?

Gizmodo took some time to predict what kind of products we can expect after the iPad. I think these predictions just might come true…what … Read More

An iPad Desktop Wallpaper for your Mac/PC
by on February 27, 2010

Counting down the days for the iPad to arrive in Canada? Well, you can get a little bit closer to the iPad by using the following image as your desktop wallpaper. It was taken from the iPad Simulator via the SDK by Rory Piper.

As March is on the horizon, the iPad should arrive in Apple Stores by the end of month. There were rumours of iPad … Read More

Is This The First Promo List Of iPad Books?
by on February 25, 2010

The iPad rumor digging continues on!

Today, a great find reveals what could be the first promotional list of books available for the iPad. TUAW had named the authors of the book list to be Stephen King, Timothy Ferris, Malcolm Gladwell, Dubner & Leavitt, Kennedy, Agassi, Palin and Beck. Prices have been pegged to range from $14.99 to free of charge.

The book titles came from a list found by TUAW which … Read More

Advanced Photo Management Coming To iPad?
by on February 24, 2010

Earlier today, a lot of rumors have developed from the iPad SDK that seem to indicate that the iPad could have, and likely will eventually have, video calling capabilities. Moreover, evidence points to enhanced camera features that include a flash and zoom.

Digging deeper into the iPad SDK, it has been found that the iPad may be receiving more advanced photo management features not present in the … Read More

Front Facing Camera, Flash, Zoom & Video Chat Support In iPad SDK

Over the last few weeks, it has been widely revealed that the iPad is capable of supporting a front facing camera, however thus far the current generation iPad is camera-less.

One of the earliest pieces of camera evidence came from the find that the iPad has room in its enclosure to support a front facing video camera. Now, the iPad SDK brings even more evidence for camera related technologies and … Read More

iPad To Sell At Best Buy & Other Retailers
by on February 23, 2010

Today during the Goldman Sachs annual tech conference, Apple COO Tim Cook said that Apple will use a distribution model for the iPad similar to what the company has used with the iPhone.

During the initial release weeks, the iPad will be available at Apple’s direct sales channels and select retail locations that receive Apple assistance.

“Initially it will be around places with really great assisted sales,” Cook said. “Over time it … Read More

iPhone SDK 3.2 beta 3 Released Then Pulled

**edit** 6:15PM PST, Feb.23/10–looks like the download is available again!

Apple released iPhone OS 3.2 beta 3 for the iPad today for developers, but then suddenly pulled it. This latest beta was supposed to help existing iPhone applications to be seamlessly ported over to the iPad. Even with non-disclosure agreements in place, details of these iPhone OS releases always surface on the web.

Many iPad developers were able to download … Read More

Did the Apple iPad A4 Chip Cost 1 Billion Dollars?
by on February 22, 2010

One of the most interesting revelations of Apple’s iPad announcement was that the A4 processor was made in-house by Apple. Why would Apple go this route? Reasons include their obsession with controlling every single aspect of software and hardware design. Knowing what they are working with will turn a good product into an amazing product.

Also, by creating the chip in-house, Apple reduces its dependency on other chip makers, plus they … Read More

The Latest iPad OS Features Revealed
by on February 21, 2010

With the iPad release imminent in just over a month, it’s hard to visualize what using an iPad will be like until we get our hands on one. Rumours of iPad pre-orders have hit the web, and we’ve also seen the iPad simulator. Recently, 9to5Mac released some interesting “iPad Tidbits” along with some screenshots to give us a better look at the iPad.

Here’s a screenshot of … Read More

iPad Preorder To Start February 25?
by on February 20, 2010

The iPad is gearing up for a Spring 2010 launch. The WiFi version is scheduled for an end of March 2010 release worldwide and the 3G/WiFi version should be hitting the USA at the end of April. Canada should see the 3G/WiFi soon after.

Aside from release dates, many people have wondered if preorders will be taken for the iPad and reports from AppAdvice indicate that may be true.

AppAdvice is reporting … Read More