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Your Entire Video Library – Streamed To Your iPad!

by on August 25th, 2010

The Apple iPad is quickly become one of the world’s best consumption devices for web content, audio and video.  One obvious key feature of the iPad is it’s generous screen size – which makes it the ideal device for watching movies.

Up until a few weeks ago, my video watching capabilities were limited to sync’d content from my iTunes library, web content and YouTube.  Well, these limitations are a thing of the past with a little app called “StreamToMe”.

StreamToMe v3.1.2, was created by Matt Gallagher at www.projectswithlove.com (and you can really feel the love he put into this app).  The app is rather simple, it streams video content from any computer (Mac or Windows) that is running it’s counterpart, “ServeToMe”.  Once ServeToMe is installed onto your computer(s) (free download at www.projectswithlove.com), it will allow you to stream any video you have.

The user interface is refined, simplified, and should be familiar to anyone that has been using an iPhone, iPad or Mac.  In ServeToMe, your iTunes Library is pre-authorized.  Additional streams can be added by choosing additional video/audio source folders.  SteamToMe allows playback of a multitude of video formats, including FLV, MKV and WMV (all conversions are done on-the-fly).

Currently there are a few limitations:  because of the iTunes/DRM marriage, any videos that were purchased through iTunes cannot be played back within SteamToMe, connection over 3G or non-local WiFi requires some detailed configurations, and locally stored content on your iPad cannot be played through StreamToMe.

Video quality can be streamed in 720p for faster computers and scaled down to 320p for slower computers.  Navigation is quick and simple when StreamToMe is launched with a side panel for source selection and content listings, with the right for video preview.

StreamToMe is available in the Canadian iTunes App Store for $2.99.

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  • stonee

    SteamToMe supports FLV, MKV and WMV, like the other videoplay we need a video converter maybe a dvd ripper like handbrake and ifunia to solve the embarrassed limited video formats supported by them.

  • Joebravoco

    I agree stonee. My video library does not contain many iTunes purchases, but it does contain hundreds of videos that were ripped with Handbrake, so playing with StreamToMe works in my situation. I basically have my entire video library connected to my iPad when I'm in my home WiFi because of that. The iTunes/DRM limitations can be worked around with a DRM stripping program, but I haven't found one that's clean and easy to use yet.
    Thanks for commenting…..this was my first post!

  • lumberjak

    Umm Airvideo anyone? This was around a lot longer than StreamtoMe and has always been one of the top Apps from the app store. This is like the big hype over CineXplayer playing avi's when YXPlayer and Oplayer had been doing the same for months and did it better.

  • Tharnax

    Agree with previous lumberjak, Airvideo works great and is easy to install and setup on the computer/computers storing all your video. I setup the Airvideo software on my WHS and I can run any movie I want anywhere int he home with it. One limitation of Air video compared to Stream to Me is Air video doesn't do music.