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The New iPad One Week Later – Final Review [Video]

by on March 22nd, 2012

The new iPad has been out for nearly a week now, and that’s given me a lot of time to put it through its paces.

I realize not everyone is an early adopter such as myself. There are many people still wondering if they should pick up the new iPad, especially if they already have the iPad 2.

So in this review video I go through all the positives and negatives of this new iPad and what I’ve noticed from using it over the past week.

To sum it up, the big improvements are the Retina Display, the 5MP iSight camera and the addition of 4G LTE. Are those worth the upgrade if you already have the iPad 2? In my opinion, no.

While I love, love, love the new Retina Display, you have to remember the iPad 2 is no slouch when it comes to the look of games, videos, reading and surfing the web. Besides text comparisons, it’s often tough to distinguish which iPad is being used if they are running the same game or video.

While the promise of future applications and games taking full advantage of the retina display and A5X chip is exciting, there really isn’t anything out there right now. So that’s why I see no need to rush out to sell your iPad 2 for the new iPad.

If you’re looking at your first iPad or upgrading from the original iPad, then for sure, get the new iPad. I don’t think there’s a better tablet on the market right now.

I hope the video review helps you if you’re on the fence. Let me know if you’re still waiting to purchase the new iPad.

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  • Kelly Mann

    Well, I’ve never owned a iPad, been in line for every iPhone. Just purchased one from futureshop.com (they still have a few 64gb / 4g ones left. Can’t wait. Nice review

  • Cupcakebunny

    I’m upgrading from the original, so yeah, pretty darn excited over here! Thanks for the in depth review.

  • I think I have owned every iOS device, so far. 🙂 The retina display alone was enough for me to upgrade, but I see your point. I couldn’t care less about the “iSight” camera. Taking pictures with an iPad is ridiculous. 😛 Doesn’t even need a camera on the back, in my opinion.

    Great review, Kris.

  • I’ve always dreamed of an iPad with a Retina Display, and this new iPad makes it all come alive. That alone is the big seller! Awesome overview Kris. Spot on. 🙂

  • My only issue with the ipad is playing 720p and higher videos on it.  I tried GoodPlayer and it wasn’t a flawless experience that I was hoping for as videos were stuttering and lagging, while converting everything i want to watch is a bit of a drag.

  • rhodz_99

    Nice review.. Now i will stop dreaming about the new iPad. My iPad2 still great.

  • rhodz_99

    Nice review.. Now i will stop dreaming about the new iPad. My iPad2 still great.

  • Ari

    Great review although I don’t agree with the premise that people with the iPad 2 should not upgrade. If you do quite a bit of reading then you will definitely benefit from the higher resolution and games like Real Racing 2 HD and Infinity Blade II also benefit from the higher resolution. Even video that is around 720P when played back in the Video app seem to be “upscaled” somehow. I have some videos around 960X720 with recordings of “LCARS” animations and they appear to be razor sharp somehow on the new iPad and the same thing goes for the graphics and text in the Original TRON movie (720p) and Tron Legacy (720p).

  • LoWd0Wn

    Good review. I also went from the ipad 1 to the New iPad. It was because of the retina display and faster processor for watching video.
    Love it!!

  • Meadors Musings

    Thanks for all the positive reaction. 
    Personally I think the retina display alone is worth the upgrade, but having shown it off to a lot of people, they just don’t get that wow factor like myself and others. 
    I can’t wait for some truly optimized games for the new iPad. 

  • joecmwu

    Very nice, Kris. I finally see a very objective review about iDevices on iPadinCanada.

    For people who own the first iPad and looking for upgrade or for those who want to get their first one, then yes and go ahead. But for those who already owned iPad 2, I don’t really see the point to do so. Maybe you should wait to see the next one.

    By the way, i have heard many people complaining about the new iPad’s yellowish screen and have seen and compared it myself. After all, the new iPad’s retina display is not so good. I am not sure if Apple did it purposely to make the mew iPad’s display feel warmer and less sharper.

  • Kirk

    This review is spot on. I never had an iPad before until now and I love this. I am typing this on it fit now. any with an iPad doesn’t need this.