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Tetris For iPad Brings Retina Graphics And New Gameplay Options [Video Review]

by on April 19th, 2012

EA is out with an update to the popular Tetris for iPad game. It now has beautiful HD graphics perfect for your retina display new iPad, and it now offers some new gameplay options.

Before I get into those, let me point out this update has some people upset. EA has pulled the previous Tetris for iPad game from the app store. That means to upgrade to this version you need to pay the $6.99 again. There is no cheap option to upgrade.

First the changes to the game. You of course still have your Marathon mode where you tap on the screen to rotate the blocks and then swipe down to put them in place. But now you have a One-Touch Marathon mode.

Basically you’re given some options where the next block should go, you tap on it and it snaps into place. I really like this mode. I believe it makes Tetris a lot more touchscreen friendly. My concern with Tetris on touchscreens has always been it didn’t feel the same as the console version. I never felt I had the control needed to get the blocks where I wanted them, and then sometimes while swiping down it would rotate the blocks.

With One-Touch, this is eliminated. I enjoy playing Tetris more, and it feels more like a true touchscreen game, not one that was simply ported over.

The other new gameplay is Galaxy. As EA describes it, clear to the core as you drop each Tetrimino – blocks – with split-second intensity and use power-ups to transform the blockade below. Basically you’re trying to get rid of all the on-screen blocks in as few moves as possible. The fewer moves it takes, the more stars you get. The goal, to get 5 stars on each level.

Along the way you can use power-ups to break the blocks faster.

The other change to the game is T-Coins. They are what you use to use the power-ups, unlock new Galaxy levels, buy more theme music and basically advance further in the game a lot faster. You can of course spend real money to buy more T-Coins or you can join the T-Club. It’s a monthly subscription that gives you 15% more T-Coins when you get a line in the game.

Here is my video review of Tetris for iPad showing all the new gameplay features and a look at how you can get the 8-bit original soundtrack.

So, while myself and others may not agree with EA’s decision to make us pay full price again for Tetris for iPad – the game really does offer enough new features to consider it a new game. And of course the HD graphics on the new iPad look great.

If you do want the game but aren’t fond of the $6.99 price tag, you can always wait. EA always puts its games on sale several times a year.

Now, if you’d like a chance to win a free copy of Tetris for iPad all you have to do is comment below with why you want it. It’s that simple. 24 hours after this post goes live we’ll pick three winners and post them here. So best of luck.


The three winners have been chosen at random. Thank you all for entering. If you won I’ll be emailing you the code at the address you used to comment here or I’ll get in touch with you on Twitter if that’s how you posted. Thanks again for entering.

The winners are ….

  • Kelly Mann
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  • Cherrycola666


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