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Dudes Smash New iPad With Baseball Bat [Video]

by on April 5th, 2010

We know the iPad is not for everyone. You either see yourself using an iPad for what it was meant to do, or you don’t. It seems like these guys in the following video opted for the latter. Their iPad hatred has gone so far that they have replicated the “SmashMy_____.com” phenomenon to the iPad.

If you just purchased an iPad, the following video might be painful to watch. If you despise the iPad because it’s not what you expected, you might enjoy this video. Personally, I think these guys could’ve spent $500 towards something useful instead of blowing it away like this.

What do you think? Are these dudes crazy or cool? Internet fame FTW?

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  • George

    Such a stupid retard if you wanna make a point apple is bad whatever you couldve took that 500 bucks and donated it to foodbanks instead than throwing 500 bucks and destroying a perfect ipad retard!!!

  • Pat C

    Parents must be proud.

  • Fil

    ……. yawn, bunch of dumbasses …. and the point was what?

  • cerita

    Oh my gosh, I am horrified! What silly idiots!

  • djepsilon

    Just…. wow.

  • timaucoin

    Umm… and their point was??? They're probably the same ones that go around smashing car windows for no apparent reason. Can only imagine what they're gonna grow up to be!!

  • Everyone tries to get their 5 minutes of internet fame. Sad!

  • Haha. The USA has something to look forward to. Maybe future lawmakers?