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Which iPad?

by on April 29th, 2010

Which iPad should I buy?

The delayed release for international iPad purchases may not be a bad thing.  No doubt there are many people waiting/wanting to get their hands on their very own device; but, the extra time may allow some buyers the added opportunity to think.  About? Wifi only or a 3G unit.

Now, there is extra time to consider what could be needed in the future.  The iPad looks  to be the hottest thing to have this year and many people jumped to be one of the first purchasers.  I wonder if they thought of what their use needs will be in a couple of months from now or next year.  If you own an iPhone with a data plan, you know and have experienced the value of having the ability to connect to the world when ever you need to.  Do you expect your iPad to have the same capability?

Initially, I thought the WiFi model would be my iPad of choice and need.  But I had second thoughts today.  I love being able to get information whenever I need to with my iPhone.  I think I might want the same experience with my iPad! Also, I would like the opportunity to add data, if desired.  Of course there are other factors to consider:

  1. The still undisclosed cost for the iPad monthly international data plan (do I really need to pay more each month for data?)
  2. The extra cost for the 3G model itself.
  3. I could jailbreak my iPhone and use MiWi to connect my iPad.
  4. Maybe Rogers in Canada will allow tethering?

I haven’t made my final decision, yet; but, I’m leaning towards the 3G model (as long as Rogers doesn’t charge an outrageous amount).  All I know for sure is that I will be ordering my iPad on May 10th.  Which model attracts you?  What options do need or foresee?

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  • Siniac

    I am having the same dilemma. It all depends on how bad the Rogers plans are.

    Ideally, though unrealistically, you will be able to use whatever you existing iphone plan is. As long as I don't go over my 6G between the two devices I pay the same.

    I also want to know if I can just do the monthly AT&T deal if I go to the states for a month. Just turn it on and off when on an international trip.

    I doubt that tethering will be an option as AT&T's network is too bad to tether so the the OS probably does not support it.

    I have pretty much decided to put off the purchase until I have some idea of the answers to those questions.

  • I also wonder if the iPad 3G's wifi signal will be better than the iPad Wifi. The wifi on the Wifi iPad right now seems to be a bit week.

  • Chris

    It all depends on the data plan cost. If the rumors of data sharing are true then the 3G one becomes the obvious choice.

  • denisboisvert

    Hi Myron, Interesting point you raise. Let me help you to choose. As I mentionned in another article of Ipad In Canada, my choice is very simple et here are the parameters of this decision. 1) I have a 6 gygs plan with my Iphone 2) I don't like to be stuck with one provider when I will get my Ipad 3) At the end of my contract , I am not sure to renew, because quite sure this 6 gygs plan offer will not come back. I will choose a prepaid plan, as I am doing right now (I have to connections as you can see) 4) I am not a jailbreak fan.

    So the choice was easy. I will buy the Wifi Ipad, and be able to go on Internet anywhere, because I bought a MINI-ROUTER wifi, with battery power or outlet plug option. I simply hook my USB STICK modem to this modem, and voilà. I use it actualy with an Ipod Touch and it is very effective. No setup, you just turn on youor mini-router and you are ready to go So, instead on paying 200$ more for a 3G, I prefered to spend the same amount for a mini-ROuter 3G wifi. This router is about the same size as my Ipod touch. And I am able to use a prepaid plan Stick modem And when I will go to USA this summer, I have the prepaid plan stick modem from Virgin.

    Hope it helps.
    Denis Boisvert, Gatineau, Québec, Canada

  • jacques

    I will buy the i-pad 3g.Why? Wifi is ok at home or at Starbuck. But if I want the “connected anywhere anytime” capability in the future, best to go with the 3G model. Even if I don't use the 3G capability initially, I may decide I need it in the future. I don't want to be sorry I did not get it.

  • Fritz

    Another point to consider: from what I understand, the WiFi model won't have GPS.

  • Wuju

    My choice is clear. I want to use up my 6G plan. iPhone isn't using it enough. So I use MyWi and simply allow my wifi only iPad to use up the 6G as much as I can on a monthly basis.

    Unless Rogers is so nice that they allow both devices to share the same data plan. If that is the case – I'll kick myself BUT what are the odds?

  • rorypiper

    Yup. Same here. As long as I can jailbreak my iPhone, the WiFi only model will do just fine.

  • rorypiper

    Yes, good point. If folks didn't have to get a whole other data plan, I think more people will get the iPad 3G.

  • However, WiFi triangulation works amazingly well on the WiFi version.


    Sent from my iPad

  • For me, I can't imagine not having the 3G version and the cost difference looks like it will be reasonable. That said, I'll only be doing it if I can utilize my current data plan. Otherwise, the rocket stick and the notebook continues to be my weapon of choice in the field.

  • Actually, during this extra time, I'm going in the opposite direction. I don't have a data plan of any kind and was dreaming of the iPad Wifi+3G but, unless there are Canadian data plans as reasonable as those from AT&T iflexible, contract-less, decently priced), which seems unlikely, I may end up getting a MiFi and the WiFi-only iPad. The advantage is that I could share the connection with my iPod touch and even use it as a backup for my partner's WiFi. Through Virgin Mobile, the MiFi costs about 50% more than the 3G premium on the US iPad (200CAD vs. 130USD). But it really comes down to data plans, especially in the long term.

  • Wuju

    At one point, I have the same idea about the GPS. But I concluded that my iPhone will do the GPS work as I can't find myself driving with iPad as a GSP tool or find myself walking down on a street to find GPS required content – iphone makes more sense in that regard. As Gary say, the wifi triangulation isn't too bad either.

  • Bob

    I originally wanted the 3G for the reasons Jacgues mentioned but after buying a 64GB WiFi I realized I didn't need the 3G version. I use my iPad and iPhone as needed. When traveling I can bring my Airport Express. If my needs change I can always get a version 2 4G iPad.

  • Earl Gray

    I just received my iPad 16Gb that I bought on eBay. My toughts are that it is best to buy the cheapest unit right now and wait to see what will come out for data plan in Canada. When the generation 2 iPad come out I may re-consider going 3G at that time.

    Until then the iPad wifi and my iPhone 3G with miwy work just fine for me… although miwy seriously suck the life out of my 3G 😉

  • philomene

    I have been using the 64GB ipad for a few weeks now. I do not see the point on using the 3G version. Itis too big to carry everywhere like an iphone. My iphone is jailbrake, and with MyWi this is a great hot spot. The other day in the car, we were 4 people surfing: 1 ipad, 1 iphone and 2 itouch via the same hotspot.
    Anyhow, Rogers fees will be probably outrageous considering I am already paying for the 6 GB plan.

  • Earl Gray

    Any link to the router you bought? What USB Stick do you use? I am interested to ear more about you actual setup from a hardware brand/model standpoint.

  • Fritz

    OK, forgive an ignorant question: I've not heard of the MiWi before, and I checked out Virgin's website, but they don't list it as an option. On Novatel's website, the only Canadian distributor listed is a Manitoba telco. Can I simply buy one of these at the Source etc. and get a Virgin SIM and data plan, in Toronto? If this is too OT, please point me in the right direction. Thanks!

  • Ed Leslie

    I will plan on the iPad 3G, even though I may not set up a data plan for it. I believe it is worth spending the $130US extra in order to have the 3G capability, even if I don't want to use it right now.

    I have MyFi on my iPhone, so I'll be able to use the iPad in WiFi mode anywhere there is 3G service. In the future, if it is warranted, I'm sure I will be able to add a 3G data package — but not if I hadn't had the foresight to order the 3G iPad in the beginning.

  • Ed Leslie

    The MyFi people are talking about is a $9.99US program you can buy for your Jailbroken iPhone. It turns the iPhone into a WiFi hotspot (via it's 3G cellular data connection).

  • Where's the MiFi??
    Speaking of other ways to get 3G to the iPad… Did anyone notice that the Novatel MiFi (the standalone “mobile Internet” device, not the MyWi app for jailbroken iPhones) has disappeared from our great country's cellular providers' websites? I checked a few days ago and I know that VirMo had it for 200$ without a plan, Rogers had it at 250$, and BellMo also carried it. Can't find it on any of those sites or on Telus. Something's afoot!

  • Guys, the app is called MyWi, and it's only available on your iPhone if it's

    Check out the Top Posts as it's listed there!

  • denisboisvert

    Hello Earl,

    I don't think it is possible to write a link in this Blog. But the name of this mini router wireless, which you connect the USB modem stick is Cradle Point. Easy to find. You can order it from Direct Tiger . But as i mentionned in a previous respond, be careful to check the brand of the USB modem you will hook. Mine is quite flexible, I use two diffrent USB modem and it works like a breeze, Virgin (prepaid plan or the XTE MF3660. But on this site, check the compatibilty, there is a complete list. And you can upgrade the firmware of this mini-router as well. Actually I am unsing it with my Ipod Touch, and works fine. So I don't have to jailbreak my Iphone, because I use the Rogers Sim card into myg USB modem.

    Hope it helps.
    Denis Boisvert
    Gastineau, Quebec

  • Earl Gray

    That sound interesting. So you can use the iPhone sim card in the USB modem… So since I have the 6gb plan I could actual get to use it via the modem… Interesting.

  • denisboisvert

    Exactly As I explained, I did not want to pay for another plan, so I use my
    6 gygs plan Rogers sim card in a USB MODEM and Voilà, hooekdd to this
    mini-router. This is he reason I will buy the Wifi, During Summer, in USA, I
    have the Virgin Novatel prepaid USN modem, so I have myg connection.. This
    is my setup

    Have a nice weekend
    Denis Boisvert
    Gatineau, Quebec

  • denisboisvert

    Sure Earl, it is exactly what I do. Use my 6 gygs plan in a USB Sitck modem, and hook it to mu mini-router. No need to jailbreak the Iphone. When I go to USA, U have my prepaid Plan USB stick modem from Virgin, hook it to the mni router and Voila`

    Denis Boisvert

  • Fritz

    Oh, good, it's not just me then. I was trying to find it, and linking from Novatel's website to both Bell and Virgin left me with the USB dongle instead. Was it previously available only from carriers? As in, I can't be bought from BB, FS, The Source etc.? I really want one, but not the USB dongle version…

  • denisboisvert

    Hello again Earl,

    Here is what I am doing rigth now for testing. This message is sent from my netbook, and I am now loacated in the woods. Here, my cell is abble to work properly. So, I am usng right now the USB Stick modem to my netbook, and I hook a SKYPE phone table to the netbook. I could connect my Cradle point mini-router in option, as I explained in my previous message,m and hook the modem, But this time, I did it directly to my computer. Then, I hook the Skype phone with a able and SHARE the modem connection. Because Skype, as you know uses the Intrenet conenttion. I phone to my friend in Canada or USA for 2 cents minute. And voilà. The router is using to build a Wireless system. And to connect my phone table Skype, I need an outlet. So I have a portable battery, that I bought at Canadian Tire, 6 hours autonomy.

    Hope it helps.
    Denis Boisvert
    Gatineau. in the woods well conencted

  • Fritz

    Thanks, Gary, for the clarification. There is a device made by Novatel Wireless called MiFi that takes a 3G sim and serves as a wifi hotspot. This is what I thought was being discussed earlier, and looks like a good option for those of us who don't have an iPhone or don't want to jailbreak: you could get a sim from Virgin for $30/500MB a month, and it would work with any device that uses wifi. Unfortunately, the carriers that were listed as offering it in Canada have all apparently pulled it from their websites, and now only offer USB dongles that accept 3G sims but need to be plugged into the device that would use them, and obviously won't work with iPad, as it lacks a USB port, and probably wouldn't have software driver support for it either.

  • Ed Lesli

    Right, and so they should. I believe all of those devices are HSPA only (not HSPA+) and so limited to 3.6 or 7.2Mbps. I expect we will soon see HSPA+ versions (21Mbps). I would wait for one of those.

  • About the Novatel MiFi (the standalone device which takes a SIM and serves as a “mobile hotspot”), I received a Twitter reply from Virgin Mobile, yesterday:
    “we're out of stock right now as the MiFi's all go through a battery replacement program. not sure when/if we'll have more yet…”

    The Novatel website doesn't have any info on this, but it solves part of the mystery.
    I feel I should have bought one ahead of my iPad purchase. But, on the off-chance that Rogers (or another carrier) surprises the world by offering a decent data plan, I was still “holding my breath.”
    Ah, well…

  • Fritz
  • thank

  • Oh thanks, i appriciate that!