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Which iPad?

by on April 29th, 2010

Which iPad should I buy?

The delayed release for international iPad purchases may not be a bad thing.  No doubt there are many people waiting/wanting to get their hands on their very own device; but, the extra time may allow some buyers the added opportunity to think.  About? Wifi only or a 3G unit.

Now, there is extra time to consider what could be needed in the future.  The iPad looks  to be the hottest thing to have this year and many people jumped to be one of the first purchasers.  I wonder if they thought of what their use needs will be in a couple of months from now or next year.  If you own an iPhone with a data plan, you know and have experienced the value of having the ability to connect to the world when ever you need to.  Do you expect your iPad to have the same capability?

Initially, I thought the WiFi model would be my iPad of choice and need.  But I had second thoughts today.  I love being able to get information whenever I need to with my iPhone.  I think I might want the same experience with my iPad! Also, I would like the opportunity to add data, if desired.  Of course there are other factors to consider:

  1. The still undisclosed cost for the iPad monthly international data plan (do I really need to pay more each month for data?)
  2. The extra cost for the 3G model itself.
  3. I could jailbreak my iPhone and use MiWi to connect my iPad.
  4. Maybe Rogers in Canada will allow tethering?

I haven’t made my final decision, yet; but, I’m leaning towards the 3G model (as long as Rogers doesn’t charge an outrageous amount).  All I know for sure is that I will be ordering my iPad on May 10th.  Which model attracts you?  What options do need or foresee?

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