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USA iPad Launch Misc. News Round Up

by on April 3rd, 2010

The iPad is here. Yes, that’s right. Today is the day the internet will partially explode due to limitless unboxing photos and user reviews of the iPad. So far, iPad experiences have been extremely positive. With so much to talk about, this post will contain some miscellaneous iPad articles that you will find interesting.

The Apple PR machine is in overdrive right now. iPad on the web. iPad on TV. It’s everywhere. Everybody wants an iPad. For those that are saying they don’t “want” an iPad, don’t worry–your time will come. 😉

Let’s get on to the news!

For those who have iPads, what are your initial impressions of the device? Does it match the hype?

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  • Peter_Pan

    Steve Jobs and all the other Apple shareholders thank the losers who play into their corporate “whisper and rumour” buzz campaign. You fucking retards are pathetic. You claim to be so “anti-corporate” when you'll line up like lemmings to be first to own some new piece of crap manufactured in China. I bet some of you have already jizzed all over your iPads while watching on-line porn. It's the closest you'll ever come to sex.

    Get a life.

  • here_you_are_again

    You really get around don't you? Are you reading through forums posting these comments in every thread while you're having sex? I know that you claim, from your other posts, to be older. Then, rather than being a silly little 12 year old, you're really just a sad little man. I'm assuming you're a guy — I don't know any girls or women who'd post comments like yours.

  • rorypiper

    What is the point of this post? Is it your goal to make everyone say “Oh. Oh my god, you're right. How could I have been so blind! Please Peter_Pan, tell me what I should do!”. If you're not interested in the iPad, why would you come to a website called iPad in Canada? By the way, I typed this post on my iPad! 😉