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Review: Reeder for iPad (Pre-Release)

by on June 2nd, 2010

If you’re an RSS junkie, like I am, it’s important to always have your RSS feeds in sync. There is nothing more annoying that having to sift through posts that you’ve already read, especially when you’re following 20 or so different websites.

Over the past 3 years I’ve been using Google Reader as my primary RSS reader. The interface is simple, like all things Google, and it keeps track of what I’ve read, what I’ve starred and sharing interesting posts is a breeze.

Fortunately, late last year I discovered Reeder 2 for iPhone, by far the best Google Reader/RSS app I have ever used. I open this app at least 10 times a day on my iPhone and now, thankfully, on the iPad as well.

Reeder is easy to read, easy to use and to put it simply, gets the job done.

I’ll be posting a full review when Reeder for iPad when it officially hits the App Store. Until then, feel free to check out a brief video where I spend about minute quickly running through the UI and some features of Reeder.

I strongly recommend you purchase a copy for your Reeder 2 for iPhone and keep an eye out for the official release of Reeder for iPad.

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