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Moshi iVisor XT and iGlaze XT for New iPad [Review]

by on June 28th, 2012


Previously, I reviewed the Moshi iGlaze Air, for the Macbook Air, and I couldn’t find any major flaws with it.

Moshi also sent me the iGlaze XT for iPad 3rd Gen. and the iVisor XT for iPad.

These two products seem to work in tandem, so I’ll be talking about the two products together in protecting your iPad.

The iVisor XT is a screen protector (in black and white) that fully covers your iPad screen, matching your choice of iPad.

I’m terrible with putting on screen protectors, and you can imagine the joy on my face when I see the dreaded bubbles appear.

 So after I spent a few minutes cleaning up my screen (Moshi has provided a micro-fibre cloth), and after impatiently putting the screen protector on…to my shock and amazement, no bubbles!

What’s even better is that the iVisor XT is actually reusable (and keeps its adhesiveness after washing it), so it’s a really good idea to keep the backing the iVisor XT came with.

Instantly, you’ll notice that the iVisor XT does not dim the screen resolution down nor does it blur it out (like other options out there.)  The iVisor is barely visible as it protects your screen, a big plus for the Retina display.

The screen protector when placed properly – and trust me, it’s a breeze – leaves a small opening for your camera, and home button.  This keeps the beveled feel of the home button, a small touch that makes the iVisor XT experience as seamless as possible.

What you will notice is that the film doesn’t completely stick to the screen.  This works amazingly well to assist in the tactile touch functions of the iPad, but you’ll sometimes get a ‘sticky’ feedback sound, and sometimes the swiping motion isn’t entirely smooth.

Now that the iPad screen is well protected, you’ll need something to cover the back.

The iGlaze XT is the same thin (and surprisingly bendable) plastic that makes up the iGlaze Air.

It’s very lightweight, and while it is made specifically for the New iPad, it does work with the iPad 2 as well.  My iPad doesn’t feel overwhelmingly heavy (maybe from the extra reps at the gym) and I was able to read through an entire issue of Business Week lying down on the couch, without having the feeling that the iPad was getting too heavy.

Moshi has kept the ports and side buttons all exposed, for easy, natural access, and has kept the left-side of the iPad exposed to work seamlessly with the Smart Cover.

While I appreciate the button exposure, the only gripe I had, was that it seems some of the natural grip of the iPad is lost to the iGlaze XT.  The case has a really smooth surface that I would find I would have to re-grip my iPad at times.

Final Verdict

The iVisor XT has all the features that make it a practical choice as a screen protector: ease to apply and reapply, does not inhibit the iPad screen, and has an almost invisible footprint.  It is definitely worth investing in, if you are serious about protecting your screen from distracting scratches.

The iGlaze XT is a practical and lightweight solution to cover the back of your iPad.  While the silky-smooth surface might be distracting at times on your grip, it is the perfect choice if you are all about a minimalist design and look, but want a solid case.




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