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iPad Tethering Settings Removed From iOS 4.2 Beta 3

by on October 16th, 2010

A couple of weeks ago when beta 2 of iOS 4.2 for iPad launched, there were reports of the iPad including tethering preferences for iPad 3G models.

When photos of the tethering option were found, this immediately started speculation that the iPad 3G would be receiving iPhone-like tethering.

With the recent release of iOS 4.2 beta 3 however, it seems that Apple has removed the tethering settings. As the screenshot below shows, tethering preferences are no longer present.

At this time, it is unknown whether Apple is looking to cut the tethering feature entirely or if the reveal of tethering in iOS 4.2 beta 2 was a coding mistake.

Hopefully by the time iOS 4.2 is available in November, tethering will be a standard feature where iPhone users can use their device as the modem!


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  • Entrepreneur101

    I am so upset that I cannot tether my iPad to my iPhone I cannot explain how angry I am. I have been such a strong supporter of Steve Jobs since day one!! I knew for sure that practical usage of apple products would eventually gain their rightful market share. But what is this??? The most common thing that I could think of doing with my iPad has been purposely left out by apple!! Steve certainly has full knowledge of this and I bet he is the culprit. When one gets powerful, they seem to grow a massive ego and slap the small people in the face with their narcissist tendency. Steve Jobs I no longer support you.. And my recent 5 minute research of what has come put of your mouth lately is indicative that you have become a complete a-hole.. A complete opposite of what I once thought of you.