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How Would You Improve iOS 4.3?

by on March 15th, 2011

Ah…iOS 4.3 has finally been pushed to the masses last week, and you know what? It’s actually a pretty solid release. Sure, it took almost a month and a half of [extraordinarily buggy] beta releases, with some features being still locked to just developers¬† (i.e. 4-finger app switching), but 4.3 is noticeably better than 4.2. The browser is certainly faster than before, and the UI generally feels more responsive. All good things, really. Still, with Android Honeycomb and a tablet optimized WebOS on the horizon, where would iOS 4.4 or iOS 5 go from here? Here’s a personal wishlist:

Improved Notifications System

For those who jailbreak their iPads, there’s already a really neat and intuitive notification system called MobileNotifier. It somewhat combines Android’s dropdown notifier with a bit of that iOS slickness. Really…check it out if you’ve jailbroken your iPad. Now, if only Apple can implement something similar to existing devices, my iOS life would be closer to completeness.

Improved Folder Setup

Now don’t get me wrong. Folders is a huge step for iOS, and it really has improved my workflow on the tablet. On the other hand, the initial set up for folders is a real pain. I’m not entirely sure how to improve this, but I’m sure the folks at Apple could figure this out.

Family Profiles for Shared Devices

This has definitely been discussed on and off with Apple pundits web-wide. Unlike the iPhone or the iPod, the iPad is much more of a shareable device. However, it just doesn’t seem like Apple’s been able to make this differentiation in this case. While I appreciate that Apple’s M.O. would certainly be to have an iPad for every member of the family, it would still be great if Apple allowed us to have distinct user profiles for the device.

Improved App Discovery

I love apps, and I love discovering new and innovative apps that make me re-think the potential of the iPad. Unfortunately, neither the App Store UI nor Genius simply is conducive to that, and while there are other apps that attempt to tackle the discovery problem, none of them really live up to offering solid recommendations in an easy-to-use fashion. Perhaps it’s just a personal issue, but it would be nice if this were improved.

iOS 4.3 isn’t what we’d call a revolutionary improvement on the platform, and if the results of the recent Pwn2Own is to go by, we’ll probably get iOS 4.3.1 pretty soon to patch some significant security flaws in the system. Couple this with the iPad 2’s release in a few short weeks, it really means that the next version of iOS will take a bigger leap forward for the platform. I’ve given my 2 cents on the topic, now let us know what you think. What would you like to see in the next iOS? Is there much that can be improved upon? Or do you think the next version will depart from the existing platform for it to be truly revolutionary? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • TeenWolf

    I would definitely add something like SBsetting.

    For me most of the imporvents I would make on the iPhone side. I don’t really find a need to jailbreak my iPad but I am frustrated with 4.3 on my phone.

    3 major things I miss about my jailbreak are


    not being able to quickly reply or compose texts from anywhere is a huge pain.


    Being able to quickly switch on or off wifi because of weak signal is probably the biggest enjoyment of this tweak just to name a few. Apple started on the right path with quick adjustment of brightness but they really need to expand

    And the final one is status notifier. So simple and clean

    But like i said that’s all on the phone side of things.

  • Aloombox

    Gestures!!! I want those

  • Mick232mick

    I agree!!! Sb setting!

  • Dave

    Much improved e-mail: more frequent option to retrieve, more than 200 e-mail limit & ability to keep original senders name for threaded messages.

  • Romaltais

    I thing battery life could be extended if Apple could add photocells on the black (or white) perimeter around the iPad monitor.

    I am sure that eventually, in some foreseable future, such hardware improvement WILL become standard on tablets and will make iPads, iPhones and iEverythingelse self sufficiant. Then internal batteries will become backup energy.


  • ZEE

    What I hate the most when I go in the app store to look for cool app on my Ipad. Say if I am on page 7 and I click in some app to read more details, and choose not to purchase it, and go back to the app listings, it would thru me back on page 1, it’s such a basic thing they could’ve fixed long ago.. It could be really painfull at times, specially if you want to access the thousands of app..
    Anyone else finds it annoying?

  • Sebseb2

    With folders all I want to see it the ability to scroll between screens in the folder so I’m not lited to 9 apps in a folder

    I use game center and I have 3 folders for all my game center appz