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FaceTime Equipped iPads Coming Soon?

by on September 11th, 2010

This week, reports indicate that Apple may be in the “advanced testing stages” of a new FaceTime capable iPad. Since the rumored device has reportedly already progressed into advanced testing stages, this indicates that it may be ready for launch very soon.

This new iPad, similar to the iPhone 4 and the latest generation iPod touch, would feature a front facing camera that would be FaceTime capable. The rumored iPad would also likely include a back side camera for consistency.

The release date for this “new” iPad is rumored to be no later than Q1 2011 with reports that the iPad could be available earlier for holiday 2010.

The main flag that goes up against this report is that by the release date, this rumored iPad would be out less than a year since the Canadian iPad launch.

Just last week, we saw the iPad software make reference to “FaceTime debugging”, further indicating camera capabilities for the iPad.


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  • FaceTime on my iPad would be I cool idea, but in the back of my mind I feel it might be a little uncomfortable holding the iPad upright to your face, or angled toward your face while on your lap.

    It would be brilliant to squeeze a whole family video call using that giant screen ^_~.

  • Anonymous

    It would be great if they can make the iPad stand up on it’s own like my ip4.

  • I was thinking a Foldable kickstand thats part of the frame or the ipad.
    i think there is acually a case that makes that happen already, but would be cool if apple added that in the latest release for Landscape and/or portrait.

  • Barlindo

    Personally I couldn’t care less if it had a camera on the back. What I want is a choice of a 9.7 or 7 inch retina display (9.7 is just to big cumbersome and heavy for all day mobility) faster processor and way more RAM. It should also be min 32 gigs (16 gigs is pathetic in this day and age) and max out at 128 gigs. A face time front facing camera would be added gravy but not a deal breaker if not included. I know what I’m asking for would hammer up the price but if enough people are willing to pay premium for the added power whats the problem?

  • OnlyGodKnows

    It all seemed great until I seen that they might be adding a camera on the back. like HONESTLY why would you need a camera on the back. That would replicate the iphone to an uncomfortable level. Who really would want to hold a 10inch device up to chest level to take a picture of something or someone. That just feels “weird”. Ultimately it would be a useless feature but having a front face camera would be AWESOME!

    I want a iPad(a Netbook Killer) not an iPad thats progress if heavily replicated to an iPhone