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Evernote: Once Burned, Twice Shy

by on October 6th, 2010

Although this is my first official review of Evernote, it is not my first experience with it. Over the summer I used it for one class. It didn’t go well.

I liked the format, the Elephant logo, and the organization of notes. On that one fateful day, however, I almost gave up on Evernote for good.

Evernote Take One

I was typing notes in class, paused to listen to a classmates question and my iPad fell asleep. This is completely understandable, as the question was superficial and stupid. Had I not been sitting in the front, in the clear chalk-throwing-radius of my vengeful professor, I would have fallen asleep too.

Now, when my attention snapped back to the task at hand, I gently prodded my iPad to wake up. Wake up it did, but it also forgot everything I had told it. All the notes I had taken for the class were gone, destroyed, and untraceable. Evernote crashed upon being woken up and I lost everything.

I was crushed and wrote a scathing review in the app store. That outburst of frustration did nothing to bring my notes back from the grave.

Fast forward to last week when I saw that Evernote is still very popular in the App Store. I was still looking for a note taking app, and thought I would give it another try in the name of sportsmanship. I figured, if it still failed me then I could write a justifiably angry article and perhaps get some changes made.

What I didn’t count on, was what happened next.

Evernote Take Two

I was typing my notes in a new class with a new, less intense, professor, and in an effort to test the limits, waited until my iPad fell asleep. I held my breath as I woke my iPad up.


Nothing, as in nothing was missing!! All my notes were still on the page, Evernote did not crash. I was saved!! My one problem with the app had been fixed!! The Gods of App developers must have answered my prayers!!

I grinned unapologetically around the room, although no one knew of my personal victory, and typed for the rest of the class in a manner that can only be described as bouncy!

The end of class neared and I confidently hit “Save” on the top right of my screen. This brought me back to the main page of notebooks I had set up for every class. I touched the notebook for Film Studies, the class I had just been in, to confirm my happy results.


Nothing, as in my Film Studies notebook had no notes in it. None. All the ideas and thoughts I had typed up over the length of the three hour seminar were gone.

“How could this happen?” I cursed toward the heavens. I had checked and double checked and triple checked the notes and they had remained intact. They had remained intact throughout all sleeping modes, and all the times I pressed the home button and left the app accidentally.

Why now, when I hit “Save” did they all disappear?! What had I done to deserve to be struck down in this way? I gave Evernote another chance, and it led me on. It led me to believe everything would be okay, and then it stomped on my dreams, much like I imagine an angry elephant would.

Suddenly a thought jumped out at me. I had named the note with the current date, but had I changed the default notebook it saved to?

I hurried into the Sociology notebook, and low and behold, there were my Film Studies notes! I had mislabeled them and nearly given up hope of ever finding a note taking app I liked.

Thank goodness I didn’t let my “once burned, twice shy” fears prevent me from using this app!

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  • detters

    Well I won’t be twice burned by ever reading another article by Gillian again. What the hell was the point of this article, that an app crashed once?! Or that you’re an airhead and saved notes to the wrong file? This article is a complete waste of space and is the useless drivel that this site should be avoiding at all costs – it drives readers away.

    By the way, that is your first official review of Evernote? Umm, where’s the review??

  • Ru

    Wow iPad in Canada ftl…

  • Anonymous

    So what does the app do?

    Gary: Time for some quality control. You have a group of young talented writers, however they do need some direction.

    App name, what it’s intended to do, what it actually does, pros and cons of said app, followed swiftly by a conclusion. And perhaps “would you recommend this app?” Done.

  • Kial1

    Good story. Much better than ‘duh’ it works good. I like the narrative approach, something a lot of reviewers either are not able to do or can’t do. Keep up the great writing. If people don’t like the articles then they do not have to read it, like all journalism.

  • Pajerry

    Geez – don’t be hatin. What I would like to know though, at the end of the day, is this your now preferred note taking app? Or are there others that are better?

  • Um, there’s a “search all notebooks” feature. If that doesn’t work, then Evernote deserves to go down. If it does work, you seem like an idiot for having written this story.