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Dictation Key Missing on New iPad? Enable It in Settings!

by on March 16th, 2012

Did you get your new Retina Display/LTE iPad today? How are you loving that gorgeous screen? It’s just breathtaking.

One new feature of this iPad is the addition of dictation, which will write down your sentences and anything you throw at it. This is not full blown Siri (that might come later), but it’s a start.

While you have been testing your new iPad, you might have noticed it is missing from the keyboard. Is this feature disabled in Canada? It’s not advertised on Apple.ca.

No, it is just toggled OFF by default. You just need to toggle it ON in Settings and the feature will activate.

How to Turn on Dictation on your New iPad

1. Go to Settings–>General–>Keyboard–>Toggle ‘Dictation’ to ‘ON’.

Once you have done that, the new microphone icon will appear. On my first test, dictation was able to transcribe my sentence correctly. Well done.

Let me know how you are finding the new dictation feature so far! Apple notes in this support document that dictation is not available in all areas.

Thanks Jordan for the reminder!

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  • Dave

    Choice doesn’t show on my new iPad. I “thought” I had said I wanted it when I set up the iPad. Any thoughts?

  • Borajef

    Hello, i live in Canada, in Quebec city and i don’t have the setting “dictation”. How is it possible ?

  • Weird. I had the dictation mic already, but when checking settings, dictation was disabled. I enabled it. Mic still there. Weird.

  • Cose

    You need to enable a compatible keyboard language like English or Français (France). Does not work with french Canadian keyboard.

  • P4t4p0uf

    The setting is under “Général/Clavier/Dictée”. But Cose is right it doesn’t work with french canadian keyboard.  That’s weird…

  • P4t4p0uf

    And this is confirmed, as soon as I switch to US, the mic icon appears…  Guess I’ll have to add a third keyboard…

  • P4t4p0uf

    Hey, just got a workaround.  Intall the French keyboard.  But surprisingly, you can set it as a QWERTY keyboard.  From them it doesn’t seem to have much differences…

  • Francine

    The dictation icon doesn’t appear when you choose “French Canadian ” keyboard and I want to add that keyboard. If I choose instead “French” keyboard, the dictation icon appears but the keyboard is then transformed into an “azerty” keyboard instead of a “qwerty” keyboard and I want a “qwerty” keyboard. Is there a way to get a French “qwerty” keyboard and the dictation icon at the same time without having to wait for a possible update in I don’t know how many weeks?

  • Francine

    I found what I was looking for. To get French keyboard and the dictation icon, you have to go in the settings, general, international keyboards. You have to choose French and not French Canadian to get both the keyboard and the dictation icon. After choosing French, you have 3 choices of virtual keyboards and you can choose azerty, qwerty and qwertz.

  • Kjkjkjkjj

    Thanks so much!

  • Jaak Laineste

    Does not work for me. Tried many different keyboards (English, French), turning on and off Dictation – still no mic key in virtual keyboard.