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AirPlay Video Streaming Coming To Safari & Third-Party Apps In 2011

by on November 30th, 2010

One of the primary new features of iOS 4.2 is AirPlay, which is an amazing function that allows users to stream video, audio, and photos from an iOS device (iPad) to the new AppleTV (2010).

However like any new feature, AirPlay had a few limitations such as streaming through third-party apps and even Apple’s own Safari which was limited to audio-only.

Leaving it up to the Jailbreaking community, tools have been released that allow a jailbroken iPad to stream video using AirPlay, essentially bypassing the Apple restrictions. However, this does mean users must jailbreak their devices and it is much easier to have Apple just enable video streaming for Safari and third-part apps in AirPlay.

Well, if an email exchange is to be believed, a response from Apple CEO Steve Jobs indicates that the future of AirPlay will include video streaming and that future is sometime in 2011.

User email:

Hi, I recently updated both my iPhone 4 and iPad to 4.2. I think my favourite feature is airplay. This is seriously amazing and makes sharing content seamless. I just purchased Apple TV and was wondering are you ever going to make airplay video work for videos in safari and 3rd party apps? I hope to get a response. 🙂

Steve’s response:

A : Yep, hope to add these features to Airplay in 2011.

So for users looking for expanded AirPlay functionality, 2011 is your year!


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