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Skype on iPad: Stays Connected Even in Sleep Mode

by on April 6th, 2010

Are you an avid Skype user? Skype on the iPhone is awesome as you can make calls over WiFi (and 3G if your phone is jailbroken). There is no 3G version of Skype yet for either the iPhone or iPad yet.

On the iPhone, if you have Skype launched your WiFi connection shuts off if your iPhone goes into sleep mode. This causes Skype to lose its connection.

However, on the iPad this is not the case. When the iPad is in sleep mode, your WiFi connection stays open, so that means if you have Skype open you will stay connected. Your friends/family will be able to call you on Skype and you’ll be notified. Take a look at this new option via Settings:

Now, this situation would be solved if Apple allowed 3rd party apps to run in the background. There are talks of this coming soon in iPhone OS 4.0 (which will be previewed by Apple on April 8th). If Skype is allowed to run in the background you’ll be able to stay connected no matter what you’ll be doing on the iPad. There was a recent Skype update in the App Store, but sadly, there still was no 3G network calling update.

Unlimited Skype Calling to Canada/USA for $3/Month

If you’re not using Skype yet to make local calls, you’re missing out. Under their subscription plans, you can make all the calls you want to numbers within Canada/USA. It’s a great way to save money if you’re on an iPhone, but even better since you can start making calls on your iPad (check out our Skype over 3G on the iPhone tutorial).

Click here to check out Skype.com

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