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Quickly Insert An Apostrophe [iPad Keyboard Tip]

by on August 23rd, 2010

Feeling the frustration trying to add an apostrophe? Switching between the ‘QWERTY’ and number keyboards slowing you down?

Try this next time you need one: press and hold the comma key and you’ll see a blue square magically appear containing a white apostrophe, let go and, there you have it, apostrophe inserted.

Alternatively, simply press the comma key and quickly flick your finger upwards. Voilà! There’s the little guy.

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  • Eric Charpentier

    I didn't know that one. But one I discovered recently helps me a great deal when trying to type documents in french.

    The famous french accents (à é è ê, etc.) can be obtained in much the same way by pressing and holding the associated letter. 2 seconds and the pop-up menu will allow you to select from the accented letter of your choice!

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