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How to Use the ABC iPad App in Canada and Outside the USA

by on April 19th, 2010

Disclaimer: For legal reasons we are stating that if you choose to use the method described below, you do so and your own risk and furthermore, you should also note that ABC states the broadcast of this US-Only TV content outside the United States of America is prohibited, due to international licensing agreements. This walk-through outlines a workaround for iPad users located outside the United States of America, and is used solely at the device owner’s own risk. This post is for educational purposes only.

If you’ve had a chance to check out the ABC iPad app, you know it’s an amazing app. TV shows are streamed in high quality with only a few sponsored commercials during each episode. If other networks can jump onto this model, the future of TV will change before we know it.

How to Use the ABC iPad App in Canada and Outside the USA

If you’re in Canada or any other country, due to US-only restrictions the ABC iPad app won’t work. You’ll get an error messages that states this app isn’t available in your country. How do we bypass this restriction? The method is to purchase a PPTP VPN (Virtual Private Network) to bypass non-US IP restrictions. This method will allow your iPad to play Pandora Radio and other US only apps (including the ‘future’ Hulu iPad app). Here we go!

1. Purchase a ‘personalVPN’ PPTP from Witopia.com (or any other VPN provider). It’s $39.99US/year, but use coupon code “shxpt” to save 10%–works out to $36.99US.

2. Activate your package and write down your login details.

3. From your iPad: Go to Settings–>General–>Network–>VPN. Tap “Add VPN Configuration”

4. On the PPTN tab, enter your VPN details:
Description: anything you want it to be
Server: pptp.witopia.net
Account: yourusername@witopia
Password: the password you created with your Witopia account
Encryption level: Auto
Send all traffic: ON

5. Tap ‘Save’. Your new connection should now be displayed in the VPN list.

6. Toggle your VPN to “ON”. If successfully connected, you’ll see the “VPN” icon beside your WiFi icon in the upper left screen of your iPad. PS – Modern Family FTW!

7. Download the ABC app with your US iTunes account–and enjoy.

The quality of the video is pretty good. The commercials might not be very clear at times, but don’t let that deter you. Once the video of your show buffers a bit, it clears right up. There is no fast forward feature, but you can pause your video. For those lazy Sunday mornings, you can sit back and watch all your favourite ABC shows right on your iPad.

This PPTN VPN also enables the usage of Pandora radio on the iPad too. Any US-only iPad app will work in Canada, or any other country. This solution would be handy for Americans living out of the county that want access to content from back home.

So, there you have it. Let your friends know about this educational tutorial. Thanks to RazorianFly for the help.

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