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How to Use 3G iPad with Rogers, Fido, Bell and Telus in Canada

by on May 11th, 2010

**Disclaimer**: The following should ONLY be tried at your own risk. We assume no responsibility should any damage occur to your iPad or SIM card. This post is for educational purposes only. Repeat: Try at your own risk.

Pre-orders for the iPad in Canada started yesterday. The official iPad launch in Canada is May 28th. Rogers iPad Data plans were also revealed, including their SNAFU on the $20 iPhone data plan add on. It really did seem too good to be true.

Anyways, for those with 3G iPads from the USA, and those looking forward to using their unlocked iPads in Canada, let’s quickly recap what needs to be done. It’s a simple process that includes the following:

  • Cutting your SIM card to fit the micro-SIM tray in your 3G iPad.
  • Entering the APN details from either Rogers, Fido, Telus, or Bell.

So let’s get on with a recap of what you need to do.

1. Choose from the official Rogers iPad data plans, or choose one from Fido, Telus or Bell.

2. Modify your SIM card. Fantastic instructions are posted here by John Benson using a meat cleaver!

    3. On the iPad, go to Settings–>Cellular Data. Turn it ON. Enter the following APN details:

    Rogers APN: rogers-core-appl1.apn
    Fido APN: fido-core.appl1.apn
    Bell APN: pda2.bell.ca (call to give your IMEI of your iPhone)
    Telus APN: sp.telus.com

    Username/password should be left BLANK.

    Once the settings have been entered, it should just work. If it doesn’t, give the iPad a restart for the new settings to kick into affect. A working example of this was first shown on iPadinCanada.ca here by Chris Aceto. As always, there may be issues with this but let us know if it works for you!

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    • thedigitalinkartist

      you don't have to give your IMEI number of an iPhone for Bell. I gave my iPAD IMEI number, and it went through without problems!

    • djepsilon

      Do we know at this point which carrier is offering the best value for data?

      Also just a thought…if the new iPhone comes out and it does it fact support micro-sim, I wonder if we'll just be able to swap cards between the iPhone and iPad and share the same data plan that way?

    • Francois

      I purchased a 3G ipad from the US on launch day and while I was still in the US I purchased a pre-paid credit card and used it to sign up for AT&T 3G service. That worked great. Now I'm back in Canada and a couple days ago I enabled data-roaming on my iPad and I was automatically connected to TELUS's 3G network. I surfed a little bit over the TELUS 3G network just to test it. Anyway, thus far I haven't seen any charges from AT&T for this roaming? Does anyone know how and when do they usually charge for roaming?


    • In some cases, when the IMEI of the iPad is given they will deny you service as their system will report “unsupported device”. Your best bet is to ask them to input the IMEI of a device they have in the store if you don't have one handy.

      Also, after speaking with Rogers, they will not activate any iPad plans until May 28th.

    • thedigitalinkartist

      That may be the case I suppose, but the rep at the Bell Mobility store I visited told me that if you check your IMEI number via the Bell.ca website, it will ALWAYS say unsupported device.

      That said, he says the website they use (dealer only) to actually activate devices uses a different “database” of numbers. When he entered my IMEI number, and entered the number of an off the wall SIM card, picked a plan and submitted, it was immediately activated.

      So… while I cannot verify the authenticity of his information, nor the fact that this happens every case, I can only share my experience thus far!

    • thedigitalinkartist

      I think this might be the info you are looking for… an earlier post explaining AT&T roaming rates…


    • Francois

      except I didn't sign up for any of those plans and despite that i can certainly roam onto TELUS. Maybe AT&T will try to charge me for that later on? I keep checking 'My Account' with them and it only tells me that I have about 240 MB left (I bought that $15 plan). It doesn't mention any roaming charges incurred or anything like that.

    • Darlene

      Can anyone help with an ipad question…?
      I want to buy an ipad to use in both the US and Canada. Should I buy one in the US with an At&t card and swap the card with one from rogers when I'm in Canada and vise versa when I go to the US, or is it better to keep one service and pay the roaming charges?
      thanks for any advice you can offer,

    • Roaming is always more expensive.

    • stonee

      If you can't stomach an extra payment each month or paying the extra $130, you can get your iPad Wifi connected to the 3G or 4G with the following cheap, easy and creative options, too.

    • Token

      How about Skype? I'd rather use Skype/WiFi than mess around with SIM cards and cell carriers…

    • Jason

      fyi, this method works fine on Rogers. 🙂 (I saw some posts elsewhere stating that this is not the case, but my guess is that they forgot to enter the APN.) Set it up with a flex rate data plan.

    • Sunil

      I just spoke to a Rogers rep – he told me he wasnt sure if they would be selling micro sims seperatley to accomodate buyers of unlocked US versions… is that BS or what?

    • Sunil

      I just spoke to a Rogers rep – he told me he wasnt sure if they would be selling micro sims seperatley to accomodate buyers of unlocked US versions… is that BS or what?

    • Don't speak with those people. They know nothing!

    • I had ipad that i bought from states and i have a question about rogers micro sim card, did rogers gonna sell the card seperately after may 28th launch in canada?

    • Yes

    • Mahim

      My one says that it is not suscribed

    • Mahim

      I Got a micro sim made by rogers. You have to order it online

    • nuka

      I tried this: cutting the sim from my fido 3g and could not get it to work. Fido showed as the carrier in the upper left of the Ipad display, but it could not connect. There was an Ipad error about not being configured properly. Any one else had success or tips? I didn't call FIDO with my IMEI number, should I have?

    • Nuka

      The above apn is wrong: It should be: fido-core-appl1.apn, not fido-core.appl1.apn. I tried it and it now works fine, so one can use their Iphone sim (cut and modified) on the Ipad and switch it back to the Iphone (if one uses a tray adapter or just use the Rogers mini-sim card holder that came with the card as the holder with some scotch tape!

    • Micky68

      Does this work in the us with ATT?

    • Ayesha

      Virgin Mobile APN: pda.bell.ca (yes.. bell.ca)