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How to Upload PDF Files to iBooks on your iPad/iPhone

by on July 6th, 2010

Canadian iPad users not only had to wait for the iPad to arrive in Canada, but we also waited for the Canadian iBookstore to sell books. The iBooks app was recently updated to include .PDF support. Users can view their .PDF files within iBooks and avoid the extra step of going through an app like GoodReader.

How to Upload .PDF Files to iBooks on your iPad/iPhone–the Easy Way

There are currently two methods to upload .PDF files to iBooks on your iPad. You can go through iTunes and sync your iPad to get .PDF content. But there’s an even easier method–just email them to yourself. By emailing a .PDF to yourself and choosing to open the file via iBooks (within Mail), the .PDF automatically is added to your iBooks library. Here are the details from Apple:

Opening PDFs with iBooks

You can open PDF documents, such as a PDF attached to an email, with iBooks. When you view a PDF email attachment, simply tap “Open in iBooks,” located in the upper-right corner of the screen. iBooks will open and you’ll be able to view your PDF using the iBooks app.

When you use iBooks to open a PDF, iBooks will automatically save a copy of the PDf to your iBooks PDF shelf. These PDFs will also sync back to your iTunes Book library the next time you sync your device with iTunes.

So if you weren’t sure about how to get PDF files to iBooks, the above method works great. There are lots of PDF format magazines out there and they look great on the iPad.

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  • You can also just drag a PDF file into the Books section in iTunes and that will automatically get sync'd into iBooks on the iPad and iPhone.

  • Another option is to copy PDFs to your DropBox account. Open them in the DropBox app on your iPad and then save them into iBooks.

  • You realize too now that the Canadian iBookstore now has books in it? (I don't mean the free public domain books either).

    Just found that out this evening and bought my first one. And now with the info here on .pdf files you can officially call me a happy camper. 😀

  • Yup! There was a link to it within the post above. In case you missed it: http://www.ipadincanada.ca/ipad-news/ibookstore

  • Yup, all great ways to get PDFs into iBooks. Thanks guys.

  • Thanks for the link, Gary. So it's been live for sometime now. Didn't know that.