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How to Set Up 3G Plan with Rogers

by on May 28th, 2010

I finally received my iPad….whoppeee! Now I’m in the process of setting it up. Rogers has conveniently posted a guide to assist iPad users with the setting up the 3G data plan.

The guide covers first-time activation, managing accounts, and offers details on data usage limits, plan cancellation and more.

Here are the highlights from Rogers on how to set up the initial 3G activation:

How to activate on the Rogers network:

1. Make sure your Micro SIM card is inserted into the device, plug the iPad into an Internet-connected computer and update to the latest version of iTunes.

2. On the iPad, click the Settings icon.

3. On the Cellular Data tab, touch View Account.

4. Enter your user and login information then select your plan. A check mark will appear beside your selection.

5. Enter your payment and billing information. You can subscribe to the plans by pre-paying via Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

6. After reading and agreeing to all Terms of Service, review the payment summary screen and click Submit to complete

7. An email and alert will then be sent to you confirming the transaction and your data plan will take effect in a few minutes.

The data plans available are the same that we have seen offered for the last week.  Both of which are available without a term contract and include free unlimited access to all Rogers WiFi Hot Spots.

  • 250 MB for $15
  • 5 GB for $35

Taxes are extra but there are no other charges.

Rogers does state on their Redboard site that they are still considering the sharing of existing data plans with the iPad. The following statement has been derived from their web site – “As we confirmed in the comments section of our May 10th post, we have been working on adding data-sharing plans that would allow customers to extend an existing data plan to share with an iPad.”

You can link to the full article here.

Good luck with activation everyone and have fun with your new toy!!

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