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How To Enable Video Mirroring On iPad 1

by on April 4th, 2011

You have the iPad 1, but you want the amazing video mirroring feature of the iPad 2, we have a guide for you!

Read Me Before Continuing:

  • Use at your own risk. This is an advanced-level process.
  • The guide requires a Mac and Xcode.
  • Your iPad 1 must be updated to iOS 4.3 or later via the latest version of iTunes before proceeding.
  • This video mirroring guide requires that your iPad 1 be jailbroken. See jailbreak guide here.

A. How To Enable Video Mirroring On iPad 1

To enable video mirroring on your iPad 1 so you can display what is on your iPad onto a television, ensure your iPad 1 is jailbroken and follow the steps below:

1. Using SSH, navigate in the iPad 1 file system to: system/library/coreservices/springboard.app/. For any confusion or assistance with SSH, see here.

2. Download the K48AP.plist file to your Mac desktop and open the file using Xcode.

3. Add the following line to the file in Xcode and make it look like the following:

  • display-mirroring boolean YES

4. Save the newly updated .plist file and upload the file back to the iPad using SSH.

5. Turn the iPad off and then power it back on.

Note: This method has been successfully used with the Apple VGA Adapter and Apple Digital AV Adapter. Also, the video mirroring may take some time before appearing.

[Nature’s Eye Studio]

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  • Aloombox

    Are you saying without this fix the new HDMI adaptor doesn’t work with iPad1??

  • Johnny_forest_

    Fairly certain that the adapter does work with iPad 1, but it is not mirroring, it only plays video that you’re playing on your iPad onto your HD TV. Someone can confirm or deny this, but I think it’s mainly only the “Video” native app on the iPad, Netflix, and maybe YouTube that really work. Oh and your own videos on iPad of course. Unfortunately no mirroring on iPad 1

  • Aloombox

    Yep you are right, just confirmed this on YT. Bloody shit, I can’t believe it!! I was hoping I was get a complete mirroring on my TV using this with my iPad 1.

    Do I have to be JB to get the above fix to give me complete mirroring?

  • Ex


  • Aloombox

    Opps sorry, I just read it properly and I have to be JB. WTF Apple!!

  • Ex