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Apple iOS4 and iPad User Guide Download Available

by on June 24th, 2010

A few days ago, Apple posted an extremely detailed iPhone User Guide for iOS4. When I saw that, I was thinking how great that was, as it gives users a comprehensive view of not just the iPhone but of iOS4 as well.

So I thought to myself that there must be an iPad version of this. After a brief search, Apple does have a similar guide for iPad, however that guide does not touch on iOS4 that much since iOS4 for iPad is due Fall 2010.

The iPad user guide is just as comprehensive as the iPhone one, including over 150 pages of everything iPad. Even though the iPad doesn’t really need a user guide, some people still prefer to read about some of the features before diving in.

For a really detailed analysis, I recommend checking out both the iPad specific user guide and the iPhone user guide because the iOS4 content in the iPhone guide is somewhat applicable to the iPad. While not all of the iOS4 apps will work on iPad, the majority of the OS functions will work on iPad and we will see these functions in Fall 2010.

So if you feel like learning more about your iPad or want to venture into the iOS4 before the official Fall 2010 release for iPad, check out both of these guides!

iPad User Guide (link)

iPhone User Guide for iOS4 (link)

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