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iPad Is Too Hot Temperature Warning

by on May 16th, 2010

Today it happened. Something that I was hoping I’d never see. I brought my iPad 3G outside this morning so I could enjoy a coffee and a smoke while surfing the net. After 10 minutes in Safari I was typing in an address and Safari crashed. Odd.

I opened it up again, began typing the address and BAM! iPad temperature warning. It took 5 minutes for the iPad to get back to normal operating temperature. WTF.

I wasn’t in direct sunlight, because we all know you can’t see the screen in sunlight. Why then, did it overheat?

Has anyone else experienced this problem yet? I am currently using an Incipio Feather case to protect the back of my iPad and I’m wondering if it’s the case that is causing the heat to not dissipate properly.

And so it begins.

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  • Weird. I've never had this happen and I have mine in the Apple case.

  • Brian

    Apple cares about your health. The iPad with its magic becomes sad if it can see its owner killing themselves. Then it gets so angry at big tobacco that it over heats.

  • David

    Just had the same thing happen this afternoon. Testing out reading an ebook in direct sunlight; no case. The black screen is very good at attracting the sun's rays. Not going to replace the paperback at the beach any time soon!

  • I read about this before but I haven't experienced it yet. Interesting! How long until you could use the iPad again?

  • stonee

    Maybe the dificiency of radiator in computer is a common problem. What we want to know is “What are the device's biggest limitations?”, the limitation of ipad. We should get this before making our decisions, buy or not.

  • Johnny

    I am out in 28 degree celcius weather and I have no problem watching movies and writing up documents and surfing the web for 7 hours straight I was very productive and no overheating problem. I also have the device jail broken and have multitasking enabled and still no oveheat even though it was in the apple case.

  • zholy

    lol! I don't have an ipad.
    Want to know more about the iPad? look this article top 10 worst things about the Apple iPad.

  • Xaroc

    interesting. i remember the iphone 3Gs having the same issue when it first came out too.
    I got my ipad Yesterday and i probably used it for 4-5 hours straight without letting the screen turn off.
    downloading apps, launching all apps, basically everything you do when you get a new toy. never a problem. im using the black apple binder case.

    this thing blows me away lol

  • I'm in the UK, and today I had same problem after sitting in garden after 10 mins it shut off with the same warning, and the UK is not the hottest place??