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Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy Now Available in the App Store
by on March 15, 2012


Remember when Apple announced the new iPad just last week? Of course you do. Well, at the end of the keynote Tim Cook had some iOS developers show off some new apps and games that would be optimized for the new iPad’s retina display and A5X processor. Namco showed off Sky Gamblers: Air Supreacy, and it is now available in the … Read More

Accomplishing Your New Years Resolutions with your iPad
by on January 3, 2012

2012 is upon us, and you know what that means? More New Years Resolutions that will flounder for a few weeks and abruptly disappear come spring. While many of our resolutions will never see fruition, I hope your most important ones won’t, and maybe the iPad can come to the rescue. Here are a few ways that your iPad can help.

Health and Fitness

Let’s be honest. The iPad isn’t exactly the … Read More

What The Daily Means for Journalism
by on February 8, 2011

In what appears to be the worst kept tech secret so far this year, Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily was finally announced and launched last week in New York. Purporting itself as a re-envisioning of journalism and news for the iPad, Murdoch invested hundreds of millions of dollars to deliver truly original content (on the cheap, no less) in an otherwise dying industry.

Does The Daily live up to his original promise? … Read More

2011: The Year of iPad Innovation?
by on December 29, 2010

With 2011 only days away, it’s worthwhile to look forward and focus on the real innovation behind the iPad – the apps. It’s easy to focus on rumoured hardware specs and new iOS features. It’s even easier to forget that they only form the platform on which innovative, intriguing and ingenious apps are built. So let’s look back at 2010 and see what we can possibly glean for app innovation … Read More

Learn Englsih on the iPad!
by on November 6, 2010

While browsing in the App Store the other day, this particular item caught my eye:

The blurb for the app doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in its ability to teach English (or even Englsih). In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if a child’s (or ESL student’s) English comprehension didn’t decrease after using this app. What on Earth does “pronunciation of the integration of memory enhancement” mean?

At least it’s free.

Read More

Globe and Mail app is like Canada – dull, decent and dependable
by on October 22, 2010

I recently reviewed the updated New York Times app, noting that it was a major improvement over that venerable newspaper’s initial app. Being a proud Canadian I figured I should give equal time to Canadian news apps. I’d like to, but there aren’t many. Sure, there are apps that aggregate news content, such as Canadian Newsstand ($1.99), Canadian Newspapers ($2.99) and News Ca Browser ($0.99). These generally work … Read More

The Grand Old Lady of iPad Apps Gets a Facelift
by on October 15, 2010

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad to an expectant world on January 27, one of the applications he showed off was the New York Times. It wowed both those in the audience and reviewers, with some heralding it as the future of journalism because of its appealing, readable layout and the way it took advantage of the iPad form factor. When you opened the app you saw a collection of … Read More

Thanksgiving applications for the iPad
by on October 8, 2010

Well, Canadian Thanksgiving is this week-end and I decided to have a quick look at what applications are available in the iTunes App Store for this holiday.

Please note that I have not tried any of the applications below and some of them are designed for the iPhone although they should run on the iPad as well.

Thanksgiving (0.99$)

For creating electronic Greeting Cards with among others some Thanksgiving themed ones.

Thanksgiving Crafts (2.99$)

An … Read More

Metro Vancouver’s iParks Explorer app: A lost opportunity

Metro Vancouver has released a free iPad/iPhone app called iParks Explorer. As a Vancouverite, I wish I could like it, but it’s disappointing for three reasons.

First, it’s supposed to encourage visitors to visit regional parks, but is a tourist likely to know (or care) that Pacific Spirit is a regional park and is available on the app while Stanley Park is a City of Vancouver park and is not? … Read More

Review: Offline Maps Applications
by on October 5, 2010

As I briefly mentioned in my iPad travel recommendations a few weeks back, reducing your data usage while roaming can really help reduce costs on your trip. An offline maps application can really go a long way to do this.

One of the best offline maps app I’ve used to date is OffMaps by Felix Lamouroux. Like all offline maps applications, it’s powered by OpenStreetMap, and can tap into … Read More

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