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Apple Imposing A Lifetime Limit On iPad Purchases?
by on April 23, 2010

This is definitely one of those “what the…” stories.

So apparently if you buy more than two iPads, as right now the maximum limit per person per purchase is two, Apple puts what they call a “Lifetime Limit” on you. Yes, lifetime, as in forever and apparently this is what happened to a blogger from Protocol Snow.

He wasn’t trying to buy more than two at a time, so he was keeping … Read More

Rogers Hints At iPad-specific Data Plans
by on April 14, 2010

In other news this morning that is not Apple delaying Canadian product launches, Rogers has hinted at the availability of iPad-specific data plans. The wireless carrier has indicated that they have full intentions of making available data plans that will work for the iPad for its May 2010 release.

While Rogers did not specifically indicate what the data plans will cost or how much data will be … Read More

iPad To Reveal “One More Thing” At Launch?
by on April 2, 2010

With the iPad launching TOMORROW, everyone’s focus has been which ever Apple Store they are going to visit to buy the device. Reports have begun to surface regarding inventory at some Apple Stores as well as the security that will be present during launch day.

People familiar with the matter have indicated that the iPad launch will have overnight security patrol at the US Apple Stores, mostly designated to monitor the … Read More

Select Apple Resellers To Carry iPad?
by on April 1, 2010

So it looks like Apple Store and Best Buy locations won’t be the only two places to pick up an iPad. This is actually great news for prospective owners who have not pre-ordered and were planning on just showing up to an Apple Store.

Along with Best Buy and Apple Stores, a number of independent Apple resellers, categorized as “Apple Specialists”, may also be carrying the Apple iPad on launch this … Read More

Initial iPad Reviews Explode On The Web!
by on March 31, 2010

We are just three days out from the iPad release in the USA and tonight the iPad reviews have exploded onto the web.

See below for links and a brief description of each review:

PCWorld – iPad WiFi Unboxing Photos (including accessories)

PCWorld – iPad WiFi Review with video

Aside from the aforementioned limitations, there isn’t a lot else to gripe about. And to my great … Read More

ABC News Gets Early Hands-On With Apple iPad

Looks like ABC got an early hands-on with the Apple iPad at a USA Apple Store. There is really not much more to say but look and love.

Video below:

Apple Refunding Expedited Shipping On iPad Pre-Orders

Earlier this morning, Apple began sending out confirmation emails to customers who had pre-ordered the Apple iPad for pick up this weekend. This was a great service provided by Apple to ensure that everyone knows where to go, what to do, and what they are getting (in case you forgot!).

Fast forward to a couple of hours later and Apple was spotted giving out some other news to iPad … Read More

US iPad Reservation Pick Up Emails Arriving Now

Are you one of Canadians that pre-ordered an iPad for pick up in the USA? If so, check your email inbox as your reservation email is arriving right about…now!

Early this morning, Apple began to send out reservation emails to those who pre-ordered and reserved an iPad. The email summarizes what to do when you arrive, when to arrive, and what product you have pre-ordered.

When you come in to pick up … Read More

Apple Runs Out Of iPads For April 3rd Launch
by on March 27, 2010

The title says it all. I can only hope Canada doesn’t face a similar situation.

Today, savvy watchers noticed that Apple pushed the ship date for iPads from April 3 to April 12, 2010. The in-store pickup option has also been removed! So that’s pretty much it for WiFi iPads until more than a week after the April 3rd launch.

The demand for the iPad is clearly strong, as the device isn’t … Read More

iPad To Sell At Best Buy & Other Retailers
by on February 23, 2010

Today during the Goldman Sachs annual tech conference, Apple COO Tim Cook said that Apple will use a distribution model for the iPad similar to what the company has used with the iPhone.

During the initial release weeks, the iPad will be available at Apple’s direct sales channels and select retail locations that receive Apple assistance.

“Initially it will be around places with really great assisted sales,” Cook said. “Over time it … Read More

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