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Various Rogers Stores Offering $200 Credit on 1 Year Flex Data Contracts

by on March 19th, 2012

It appears Rogers dealerships are offering a $200 credit on one year flex data contracts, as numbers iPadinCanada.ca readers have reported some interesting deals. Here’s what we’ve heard so far:

One year flex contract on $21.93/500mb, as noted by @Photorrhorne and ‘doc’:

  • 1st month unlimited data
  • Months 2-6 have double the data
  • Free microSIM, no activation fee
  • Rogers on Robson/Seymour; Rogers Metrotown (by T&T)
If you were to pay $21.93/month for a year, that works out to $263.16. Take away the $200 credit, and you’re at $63.16, or $5.26+tax per month for 500MB of data. If you know for sure you will use 500MB without going over, this is decent deal, but alas, there is the 1 year contract.
Let us know if you can find this deal at your nearest Rogers store. You might have to ask for it though.

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  • Gordon

    Got my deal at Futureshop at Metrotown. Same as the advertised offer. 2 months unlimited and double data for the next 4 months on a 1 year contract. They gave me a $100 gift card that I used towards my iPad.

  • Tim

    Wow cool. You mean you got a $200 crédit for Rogers + a $100 future shop credit towards your iPad?

  • Voodoo_ca

    I remember the guy at Futureshop saying they had an activation deal going on – but I cant find ANYTHING about it (Other than what Grodon just posted)

    Can anyone else give some more details on the FS credit?

  • Gad

    If anyone has seen this around the Montreal area please give details. Also, is this for 3G data access or LTE or either?

  • Gad

    If anyone has seen this around the Montreal area please give details. Also, is this for 3G data access or LTE or either?

  • Tim

    Yea I’m also looking around Montreal for this. If true FS and Rogers have my business!

  • Digik9

    Anything in Calgary. I visited a Rogers Plus (corporate). They had to check with the manager to verify the
    $100 off. Then went to Rogers Wireless (dealership), they had the sign up for
    $100 off but knew nothing about $200. They said each dealership is independent
    and can offer special deals.

    So I’m just wondering if anybody has come across this deal in Calgary?
    The stores I check we’re in Chinook mall and across the street from Chinook.

  • Voodoo_ca

    Hey Digik9 – I saw some stuff on kijiji when I was trying to find more about the FS credit – it was from a cell dealer in Edmonton listing activation discounts for the new iPad. Dont remember how much, but that might be a place to start looking in your area.

  • MrBambinoDent

    I think rogers has no LTE in Calgary.

  • http://www.zadig.info Mario Gaucher

    That would be interesting with a 200$ credit… I would also take it right away!!!

  • Gordon

    no just the $100 gift card to Futureshop.  But I’m thinking about cancelling the service and go to Digital Communications.  They are the Rogers Wireless dealers in Vancouver that’s offering the $200.  

  • Gordon

    The $200 offer in Vancouver is from Digital Communications.  Rogers Wireless dealer

  • LLTap

    I was not able to get the deal from the corporate Rogers store in North Hill Mall, so I just put both my original iPad and new iPad on the $5 per month flex plan.

    As for there not being LTE in Calgary, that is officially true. But there is at least one active LTE access point as I get two bars on LTE in my place that speed tested at 26.78Mbps down and 7.21Mbps up. I live by Kensington Road and might try to rabbit hunt the location of the tower this weekend… :)

  • djepsilon

    Good to know! I was wondering what Calgary’s current LTE status was! As for the deal,  I haven’t seen it advertised anywhere. 

  • Ernie Gorrie

    Has anyone seen this deal, or some other exceptional deal, on Vancouver Island?