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Rogers, Bell, Telus, & Virgin: 2 Months Unlimited Flex Plan Data Promo

by on March 18th, 2012

Well, well, well, what do we have here? The ‘Big 3’ networks in Canada have magically unified their Flex Tablet Plan promotions, as all of them now offer the same two months unlimited promo for your LTE iPad.

First, Rogers offered the two months unlimited LTE data plan, and now Bell, Virgin, and Telus have done the exact same.

Rogers will double your data for the next four months afterwards though, but they also have a promo if you sign a…contract. Here’s how iPadinCanada.ca reader Doc explains it:

Stumbled up on an interesting promo in a Rogers Store today.  Sign a 1 year contract on their flex data plan ($21.93 for 500MB) and they’ll give you a $200 credit. (sign said $100, but it was crossed out in pen and changed to $200)  If you do the math, it works out to $7.89/month after fee, tax & credit applied

Update 1: This promo was given at the Metrotown Rogers store in Burnaby (next to T&T)

Bell and Virgin customers can pay just $5/month or $20/month for the first two months and have unlimited data. Bell also notes they are ‘the only network that never falls back to 2G’, an attempt to downplay the Rogers network. This offer expires March 30th, 2012 (I bet it will be extended).

Telus has now also offered two months of unlimited data on their Flex Tablet plans, just like the others, with no activation fee. Their offer expires April 30th, 2012.

Note that the ‘Big 3’ carriers do not allow ‘on-device data plans’ to be activated right on the new iPad, something original iPad and iPad 2 owners were able to do.

So, which carrier have you jumped on for LTE flex data plans? Take our poll below!



[via MobileSyrup, 2]

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  • Rogers

    how to get $200 credit?

  • Rogerscustomer

    Choose rogers $5 lte flex rate data last night. The CSR did not know the promo code for double data in months 3-6, so she just gave me unlimited data for 6 month. That’ great!

  • Jason

    The $200 credit is from which store? Please and thank you.

  • Ari

    Awesome. I just checked my Telus 4G iPad account and they have that 2 months unlimited on there. I signed up yesterday so I was worried that I would have to call and try to get it on retroactively. No activation fee either even though the guy at the booth in Pacific Centre said there would be one.

  • Mrsadm

    The guys at the apple store recommended Bell Flex plan.  After poking around on the interwebs, I’m inclined to agree with their recommendation, simply because of the access to Bell TV and the hot spots.  However, I will be needing to roam in the US occassionally.  Does anyone have any knowledge/advice about which carrier and plan is best for US roaming??


  • MB

    Anyone know if they will do this automatically? I signed up on Sunday
    with Bell and they didn’t mention this. I assume it will just “happen”?

  • Reds-sarge

    @Mrsadm, Dont ever roam in USA using a Canada sim card, you’ll get gauged! When you go to the USA buy an AT&T microsim and use that, the iPad1/2/3 are all unlocked devices.

  • Cneufeld

    Just signed up for the Telus flex plan.  Tried to sign up for the $10/month data sharing plan on my existing account, but partway through the call the CSR came back online and said they couldn’t do that anymore, even though Bell and Rogers offer that.  Little ticked about that… It would cost me more short term, but long term, being able to share my 6GB plan should be plenty.

  • doc

    Wow… I feel famous. =)  The $200 credit was at Metrotown in Burnaby, the Rogers Store downstairs by T&T.  I was only told about unlimited data for one month (as opposed to 2) and that the double data for months 3-6 wasn’t applicable if I got the credit promo.  Can’t hurt to ask tho.  I don’t see the credit or unlimited data promos reflected in my contract or on the Rogers site, tho. (but I have noticed that my data consumption is pegged at 0, so maybe that’s how they account for ‘unlimited data.’)

  • RDS

    Rogers LTE is crap, it’s fast if you’re downtown toronto but once you leave and are on the GO Train heading to GTA, it flips between 3G and EDGE (2G). well from what I heard its better to go with Bell or Telus as the are 3G minimum.

    anyone else experiences drop in speed with Rogers in GTA?

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  • Lucdube009

    I got Telus Flex plan. But my new iPad (3rd Gen) is giving me Telus 3G (on top left corner of the screen). Am I not supposed to get 4G? I don’t understand. Is anyone else getting 4G?

  • MrBambinoDent

    So I just went to Bell store at Chinook mall, Calgary.
    They didn’t give me the two months of unlimited data, the guy said he knows nothing about this promo so I didn’t sign up with them
    . Anyone got this offer already ?

  • Opus

    I got it last week in Toronto. You should tell the guy to check their company’s own website or talk to the manager. It is on bell.ca.

  • Opus

    I had the same issue and posted a comment on another forum. Some guy clarified it for me that the 4G will neve display on any iOS device in Canada yet. Right now only AT&T is supposedly the only carrier that has convinced Apple to let them display 4G. So don’t get upset if “4G” doesn’t show up. Mine just jumps between 3G and LTE on both Bell and Rogers sims.

  • djepsilon

    So as I understand it, the in-iPad plans aren’t available anymore for the new iPad and it is now just these flex plans? You don’t have to sign a contract for these plans do you?

  • MrBambinoDent

    Well I went to another kiosk and I got the flexi data unlimited for two months and the tv add on free for one month.
    I’m still curious about the tv cause the app works without cellular connection and I’m just afraid it’s all calculated.

  • Tinn

    I signed with Bell and I got 2 months unlimited and no activation fees Written on my contract, after one month they sent me the bill which include the activation and over charge data… after phone calls and phone calls.. they remove the activation fees but they still charge me the over data fees … They said that the agent did not fill in the paper properly .. I have the contract with me ,,,, just wasting lots of time …. so be careful ..