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BREAKING: Rogers iPad Data Plans Released

by on April 1st, 2010

I’ll be quick–this email just landed in my inbox from a member of the Rogers Social Media team, announcing their latest data plans in response to the iPad’s impending release on April 3rd. I found the release very interesting–especially the prices!

Read the full press release below:

TORONTO, April 1 /CNW/ – Rogers Wireless is continuing to offer unique data solutions for its 8 million wireless customers. Available now, the new iPad Pay As You Go (PAYG) data plans are designed to help ensure the best value and pricing, that Rogers customers have known to expect.

“With Rogers 21 Mbps HSPA+ network, customers in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal are the first in North America to experience the fastest world-class wireless speeds for their iPads. We continue to remain at the forefront of offering Canadians the most innovative mobile technologies and first-to-market products. Customers will be able to enjoy mobile Internet access of their Apple iPads across Canada’s fastest wireless network just as conveniently as you use your wireless phone,” said John Boynton, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President, Rogers Wireless.

New iPad PAYG Data Pricing is as follows, only from Rogers.com:

250MB for $75*
1GB for $35*
6GB for $250*

*Note: All PAYG data prices reflect a 3 year contract to reflect added value. Cancellation fees are no longer capped and will be calculated at $20 x 36 months. Overages fees are $1/Kb. Additional charges may apply, ie GRRF + 911 fees.

“You’ve been talking about us. We’ve been listening. And we’ve been learning about what you like – and don’t like – about our products and services and policies. We believe these are our most competitive data plans yet. We worked extremely hard on coming up with these PAYG data plans for the iPad. We’re really excited about how our customers will respond. They all have exceptional value, especially since three year contracts will ensure our customers their prices will remain the same,” said Billy Thorton, Senior Director of the Rogers RedBoard Blog Social Media Team.

For more information on Rogers HSPA+ network, visit www.rogers.com/ipadpayg.

About Rogers Wireless

Rogers Wireless provides wireless voice and data communications services across Canada to 8.2 million customers under both the Rogers Wireless and Fido brands. Proven to operate Canada’s fastest mobile data network as well as the most reliable network for voice with the clearest reception and fewest dropped calls, Rogers Wireless is Canada’s largest wireless provider and the only carrier operating on the global standard GSM and highly advanced HSPA technology platforms. In addition to providing seamless roaming in more than 200 countries/areas with its GSM based services, Rogers Wireless also provides wireless broadband services across Canada utilizing its 2.5GHz fixed wireless spectrum. Rogers Wireless is a subsidiary of Rogers Communications Inc. (TSX: RCI; NYSE: RCI), a diversified Canadian communications and media company. For further information, please visit www.rogers.com.

Wow. I can’t believe Rogers released their mobile pricing so quickly. Since I will be getting an iPad soon, I will have no choice but to sign a 3 year contract and get the 6GB/$250 plan. I think it offers incredible value. What about you?

Click here to visit the Rogers iPad data plans.

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  • Wuju

    Is that 6G per month for 3 years and total cost of 250?

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  • Wuju

    Is that 6G per month for 3 years and total cost of 250?

  • Well played sir, well played.

  • aalennox

    Real or an April fools joke? There are typos in the release and the amounts are far from clear? Are these periodic charges and over what period – not clear. Why would the 250MB be $75 /? vs the 1GB be only $35 /??

  • Ethan

    i think your right on! 6GB for 250$ is pretty good im happy its not 260$

  • Forez

    Well played, good sir. Well played. I was fooled all the way to the end. Needless to say, I was dissapointed about the contract and was pondering not getting an iPad. 😉 Silly me.

  • Michael

    You didn't mention their “iPad for Life” pay as you go plan – $500 / mo forever. Cancelation only upon demise (yours, not the iPad's).

  • LoWd0Wn

    After reading the sister site first – this didn't have the full effect but needless to say it was well done,


  • rspitz09

    LMAO this is great. My poor wife even called Rogers to find out more information about the pricing LMFAO.

  • rspitz09

    LMAO this made my day. I woke up to my wife on the phone with rogers all excited telling me about ipad pricing from rogers and showing me this. She actually asked a sales rep lmao classic

  • LOL!!!!!!!!!

  • Mission accomplished, LOL

    Tell your wife I'm sorry if she's angry and she has my permission to
    take out her rage on her husband. 😉


  • rspitz09

    Apparently the Rogers sales rep was as excited at the news as she was lol. She even went as far as to read them the “email”

  • snacky

    Oh gawd…this was a joke?! 'Cause I showed it to a wireless competitor and they matched the plan!! LOL…

  • Hahahaha
    I'd hardly call that a deal!

  • Orryan

    The question is, can I tether a WiFi iPad to my iPhone via Bluetooth? That's the burning question!

  • According to Steve Jobs, no.

  • Nice! Fill us in!


  • Bald E

    You rock the Casbah. Truly, you do.


  • MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Tell her I'm sorry–she can take it out on you! 😉

  • Hehe…thanks. At first I contemplated titling it Rogers/Telus/Bell, but I thought only a story from Rogers would seem the most real, no matter how ridiculous the pricing would be. 🙂

  • April Fools! 🙂

  • Thanks LoWd0Wn! 😀

  • kdesign7

    this doesnt seem like a good deal to me…

  • April fools!


  • Chris

    This pricing is way out of line. we get the rogers wireless internet stick on the new network for $100/mo, 5GB. But the 5GB is not capped, so you go over 5GB and you still pay $100 that month. It's the 5GB flex plan. So why are they making this different for the iPad? I would guess 'becuase it's new and it's sexy' – so they want to make more money.

  • Gerry

    wow. click the video and be rickrolled. It's not even april fools.

    good job on an amateurish magazine article, guys.

  • The article was posted on April 1.

  • The article was published on April 1. Thanks for taking the time to


  • gb

    mother bitch….

  • 😉


  • Lol, good one! I just came upon this article today.. and I honestly thought I was going crazy after reading this part, “I will have no choice but to sign a 3 year contract and get the 6GB/$250 plan”.


    is this a joke? $250 dollers for 6GB! That's a ripoff!

  • K.G

    Yeah and I'm Donald Trump

    $250.00 for 6GB WOOOW

    Why can't Apple tell CDN Data Providers to offer a certain price or they loose there contract with apple

    How Can the states and I live very close to the boarder offer Unlimited,No Contract plan for $30.00

    I'm still in shock if those prices are real for Canadians

    Just Sad

  • RyanITSmith

    That funny you click on the link to visit the rogers plans and it take you to a Rick Astley Video. I JUST GOT RICK ROLLED. LOL
    Must say I was going to go buy a small chalkboard and a case of chalk if that was for real.

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  • Cock

    Im going to give you up.

  • That’s good news!!!! I would suggest you to compare prices bell mobility data rates and find the best options for you!