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At The End Of My Tether

by on August 30th, 2010

No tethering for iPad and iPhone

So I own the wifi-only iPad. Which is fine, as I work from home and use wifi most of the time.

And I only have 500 Megs of 3G data a month (I know, I know, brutal) but I’d still like, on that odd occasion, to tether my iPad to my iPhone. Call me old fashioned (since this discussion has been going on pretty much┬ásince the iPad was announced).

So can someone remind me why Rogers makes it so darn expensive to use data I already pay for, on gadgets I’ve already forked over a ton of cash for? Sure, I could buy a more expensive plan, for data I know I don’t really need, and would only use rarely for actual tethering. So I’d rather not.

And anyway, I already pay Rogers a pretty penny each month. Add to that the cost of the iPhone and the iPad and I just wonder – will we ever stop getting screwed over just for wanting to use our iDevices the way we want to use them?

I know there’s an alternative. I hear you cry: use MiWi ($9.95 from the Cydia store), but why should I have to jailbreak just to use two devices I own in a way I know they can, if Apple and Rogers would just let them. Gah.

OK. Rant over. Have you used MiWi? (If you want to try it out check out our tutorial here).

Or do you know an alternative (for tethering the iPad, not a Mac or PC – so TetherMe and iPhoneModem zsrelay are not going to cut it)?

Answers on a postcard…

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