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Worse Than Showing Up In The Same Dress

by on September 22nd, 2010

We all know the story. A woman shows up to a party in a beautiful new gown, only to discover another woman wearing the exact same dress.

I’ve never had that experience before with clothing, but I can now say I know how it feels with new tech. Here is what happened.

I found myself hanging out on campus this weekend with a bunch of my peers at a back to school event. We had some downtime and, of course, I brought my iPad with me to keep me entertained.

I was both overjoyed and greatly distressed to discover I was not the only one with an iPad. Good and evil battled over my heart with two differing points of view.

The Angel Point of View: You see another iPad across the room. Your eyes meet. Sparks fly between like minded people and conversation abounds. You trade stories about how you managed to get one, and discuss the special connection to the future of the technological world you feel. It’s like being in love.

The Devil Point of View: You see another iPad across the room. Your eyes meet the eyes of the other owner. An emotion flits through your heart. Jealousy. Resentment. Loss. Some other human being has stolen your thunder! You were supposed to turn heads! It was your iPad that was to be the centre of attention!

I’m not ashamed to admit my feelings most closely aligned with the little devil inside. I believe it to be a perfectly legitimate reaction. Less than enlightened, certainly, but legitimate.

This acquaintance who managed to reveal their iPad first, got the initial wave of excitement, but they didn’t seem to want to talk about their it and brag about how fantastic it is.

I, of course being a opportunist and attention hog, saw my opening and jumped in. I whipped out my iPad, showed off my favourite apps, and bragged about how fantastic it was for school. One by one, heads turned towards me and I knew that although my compatriot had won the initial battle, I would win the war.

After showing off and watching a hilarious viral video of the watermelon catapult everyone was talking about, and demonstrating that the touch screen keyboard was completely functional, I had half the room ready to convert and buy an iPad.

Now, when they want to share a music video or a song with the group, they call out to me, “Hey Gillian! Bring your iPad so everyone can watch this!”

I ended up on top. I’m the girl who everyone remembers in the dress, not the copy-cat, which is just the way I like it.

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  • Asiak

    Gillian, you know millions of these have been sold.. right?

    This is the kind of ‘Apple arrogance’ that makes me embarrassed to take out my iPad in public.
    You may have thought you were amazing, but I’m sure many were rolling their eyes.

    Clearly I’m siding with the other iPad owner. I bought mine to use, not display.

  • Dustin

    Is there no editor on this site anymore? That was one of the dumbest articles I’ve ever read. Completely agree with Asiak.

  • Kial1

    Great story. I really like your perspective and how you make stories instead of just product reviews. You should continue to be proud of your technology if you are a Mac or Windows user because this should be fun stuff to enjoy.

  • Kevin

    Hi Gillian

    I had exactly the same experience with my iPhone! hehehe

  • Archie

    I agree with Asiak and Dustin, this should be in a personal blog.

  • patakakaka

    hahahahahaha. i think the only reason i now come to this site is the sheer dumbness of the articles. i think its run by the same people as iphone in canada? the reviews are ridiculously stupid, most times they are just peddling some app they got for free. there is nothing of sheer quality anymore in these articles.

    and this article just takes the cake. i can see someone at a prty or get together taking out their iphone and sharing videos, but taking an ipad to one??? thats just ridiculous. you’re obviously taking your gadgets a bit too seriously or dont have much going on in life if this ipad story took you throguh such a variety of useless emotions.

  • Troll

  • I disagree. Gillian brings a unique iPad focus from the eyes of a student. The iPad is multi dimentional, and so should the stories be as well.

  • Gillian’s writing ability is 100x better than all of the “haterade” comments combined.

  • Piker3

    Like the story. Dislike the sloppy writing.Gillian, keep telling your stories but get a critical friend to help with the proofreading and editing before publishing.

  • patakakaka

    so any kind of criticism is considered “trolling”? i get nothing out of bashing someones article, but really with some things its jsut unavoidable.

  • Feedback is fine is more than welcome, but there’s a way to go about it
    without sounding like a total idiot. Would you give feedback to people in
    real life you do on the internet?

  • Ipadsrox0rsmyb0xors

    This is exactly why I don’t and will never own an iPad. Its for people like the above.

  • Only 2 iPads Ever.

    shut up.

  • Shut Up.

    you too