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SGP GLAS.t Tempered Glass Screen Protector For New iPad / iPad 2 [REVIEW]

by on June 19th, 2012

Last month, I reviewed the SGP GLAS.t screen protect for iPhone 4/4S and was extremely impressed with it. Today, I’ll show you the Spigen SGP GLAS.t tempered glass screen protector for the New iPad (& iPad 2) and just like the iPhone version, I must say there is no better screen protection solution for an iPad in the market than this one. Find out why right after the break!


  • Whole Transparency: The GLAS.t is 0.4mm think and made with chemically treated transparent tempered glass.
  • Surface Hardness: 8-9 H: The surface of the GLAS.t has a hardness of 8-9H, three times stronger than regular PET film. Even sharp objects such as knives and keys will not scratch the GLAS.t.
  • Oleophobic Coating: The GLAS.t has an oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints and other contaminants and makes the film easy to clean.
  • Delicate Touch:The GLAS.t is coated with a strong silicone adhesive that makesinstallation easy and attaches the film firmly which does not affect the touch screen’s sensitivity.
  • Anti-shatter Film: If broken, the GLAS.t breaks into small pieces that are not sharp, making it safer than other glass products



Spigen SGP GLAS.t for New iPad / iPad 2 comes in a similar box as its iPhone counterpart. You get the same set of goodies too i.e a GLAS.t screen protector for New iPad / iPad 2, a squeegee for bubble removal, a microfiber cloth, an alcohol swab and an authenticity card with a unique serial number. The only thing missing here from the iPhone version is the set of epoxy coated home buttons.

Installation of the GLAS.t on iPad requires patience and some extra care due to its hard and thicker material. Just like the iPhone version, you only get one shot at installing it. You must read the install instructions before beginning the process. Make sure your room is dust free with all the fans switched off. Then wash your hands, use the included alcohol swab to wipe the iPad’s screen, clean it with the microfiber cloth, remove the protection films off the GLAS.t, align and place it carefully over the iPad.

Once you’re satisfied with the GLAS.t’s placement, tap it gently at the middle and the protector’s adhesive will smoothly begin spreading over the screen. Air bubbles, if any, can be removed easily by using the included squeegee. Any bubbles due to dust particles will however be permanent. The process requires a lot of patience, especially in case of the iPad, so take all the time you need. You can easily mess up a $70 screen protector just by being hasty. Trust me, I know!

If you’ve applied the GLAS.t on the New iPad, you’ll immediately notice how it makes the Retina display truly pop out. It feels as if there is no screen protector between your eyes and the iPad’s Retina display. The glass is silky smooth to touch and if you’ve upgraded from a plastic screen protector, you’ll literally be amazed at the huge difference between the two. Just like the iPhone version, the GLAS.t for iPad also offers excellent scratch protection.


I cannot say much for the iPad 2 owners, but those with the New iPad who want to enjoy the iPad’s gorgeous Retina display and smooth, glassy feel the way it is meant to be, they must consider spending those few extra bucks for the SGP GLAS.t glass screen protector.

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