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Photography Related Apps and New Writer Introduction

by on August 19th, 2010

I suppose it is only appropriate as a new writer for iPadinCanada.ca that I too take a short moment to introduce myself. My name is Kyle Andrew Skinner and in the short time I have owned my iPad I have quickly become nothing short of a junkie. I am a professional photographer and also manage several nightclubs in a busy entertainment district, and as a result of these two professions, the iPad has filled a huge gap for me. Social networking and upward mobility play a huge role in both my careers, be it constant Facebooking and emailing for the clubs, or Facebooking, emailing, Twittering etc. to keep my name out there in the modern, cut-throat photography business. The iPad is just the latest tech tool in the arsenal I employ to keep myself relevant, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you, be they unique or otherwise.

So here I am at 4pm on a Wednesday, sitting in a crowded Starbucks and banging out this article on the iPad. The envious stares of all the MacBook toting scenesters brings a grin to my face as I finish my third espresso and contemplate what to write. Why doesn’t this place offer screen cleaning cloths i wonder aloud, and a lady reading next to me asks me to be quiet. She’s just jealous and it’s time to focus, because I want to quickly review a few of he apps I’ve put to good use thus far as a photographer. First up is the granddaddy of them all from Adobe:


Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express: when I found out that they had finally ported this app to the iPad, I downloaded it with great hope. Instead I wound up disappointed as I find it’s use on the iPad to be limited at best, in it’s current state its much better paired with Apple’s iPhone. Why you ask? I believe it’s because of the iPad’s lack of a camera. I’ve documented many great adventures with photos taken from my iPhone and edited with the mobile Photoshop app, but truth be told most of the photos I put onto my iPad are already edited and the limited adjustments you can make in this app have proven to be enormously disappointing. To truly shine on the iPad, and likely the newer more powerful iPhone Adobe must extend the functionality of their app.  I would like to see curves adjustment, and perhaps a couple of ‘neat gee golly’ filter applications beyond the simple tone adjustment ones currently included. Certainly Adobe’s creative team could come up with a set of a half dozen or so additional adjustments, and then periodically refresh the app with new ones. Kudos however to Adobe for including a robust set of options for uploading and sharing your images, however simple effects and a couple of graphical overlays just don’t cut it, even for free, especially when you consider the beautiful simplicity of this next app…

Colorsplash: if you are only going to do one thing, you better do it well, and Colorsplash is a beautifully focused app. Quite simply Colorsplash takes your photos and allows you to choose what is color, and what is black and white. Colorsplash gives it’s users the opportunity to lend tremendous dramatic effect to otherwise boring photos, or take already great photos to another level entirely. A good app on the iPhone, it became a great app the day it was ported to the ‘pad, as the generous screen real estate and snappy response time make the iPad the perfect home for this powerful, yet simple app. With the ability to save your editing sessions, save a completed image, upload directly to Facebook or even email your images on the fly, Colorsplash is a tremendous creative tool for a very low price.

two examples of Colorsplash'd images

Two examples of Colorsplash'd images

Easy Release: as dirty as it’s name sounds, this application is essential for any photographer (or videographer, or anyone that needs legally binding releases) who wants to protect themselves and their images. Easy Release replaces the standard, paper versions of modeling releases by providing a simple to follow, on screen set of instructions to create and properly format your release. Once drafted, it provides you with a pop up box that allows the model to digitally sign his/her name, applies it to the document and creates a PDF. It can then be set to automatically email you the signed file, as well as the model themselves, handy for archival purposes, conveniant for both parties.

Kyle Andrew Skinner is a writer, photographer and social butterfly at large. You can follow his photography and general musings on Twitter at @kyleandrewphoto

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