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OrionGadgets Leather Book Case for iPad Review & Giveaway

by on July 16th, 2010

Before I get into the review – I wanted to let you guys know about the super-inexpensive but awesome Travel/Wall Charger that OrionGadgets has. First off, its only $10 with free shipping to Canada. This is going to cost you less than actually going to the Futureshop down the street. I’ve been using this charger as my non-computer charger (it’s perfect for the living room, or bedside) – and love it. It’s specifically built for the iPad’s power needs. Home/Travel iPad Charger on OrionGadgets Site.

Ever since I got my iPad about a month ago I’ve been on the prowl for the perfect case. Seeing as how I write for an iPad blog, and have reviewed lots of iPhone cases over the years, I know what I like and what I’m looking for. Or do I?

There’s an entirely new class of cases that have been introduced with the iPad – that weren’t really popular for the iPad. The Notebook-style case. Apple’s own iPad case is this style, so its no wonder than lots of companies are coming out with their own versions. I honestly think that Orion Gadgets has got one that could definitely rival Apple’s own – and maybe even surpass it.

To start, its from Genuine Leather, so you won’t have the smudge and dust problem that lots do with the fabric that the Apple case is made from. Here’s some stock photography:

The iPad fits in perfectly and all of the buttons remain easily excessive. At first, the edges around the front of the iPad didn’t stay flat, but that quickly worked itself out after a day or so of use. I guess you need to work it in, not unlike shoes. The structure of the case is solid, the front and back panels are very sturdy – and I really prefer this to the fold-up panel on the Apple Case, which seems to degrade its own structural integrity.

It’s sort of funny how quickly one gets used to having a new case, you touch, carry, toss, and feel something every day it quickly becomes yours. As I’ve been testing quite a few cases and skins in the last couple weeks (stay tuned for more reviews, of course), I’ve almost started to forget what my iPad actually looks like – which is one reason why some people don’t like full-cases.

I honestly didn’t mind not using my iPad ‘Naked’, for the most part having a full-on case of this size didn’t hinder my use in any way. In fact, having the ability to prop-up the iPad horizontally greatly increased my surfing and watching videos in bed.

Now for the drawbacks, and there are a couple. One, weight. I was honestly going to tell you that this case doubles the weight of the iPad, but before I went making bold claims like that, I actually weighed it (lucky I have a digital kitchen scale) and as it turns out it only actually increases by 50%. Still, that’s quite an increase, taking the iPad from 1.5lbs to just over 2lbs. Something I actually got used to pretty quick. The only other downside to this case is the prop-arm. It works great for when you’re using it, but it’s almost always in the way, flapping around, when you’re not. I’m not even 100% sure why they didn’t’ just reinforce the spine a bit and use the outer panel to prop the case up. *shrug*

Overall I’d give this 4/5 stars, or apples, or iPads or whatever form of measurement you like. It’s very nearly great, but a little bulky and awkward with the prop-flap being mildly annoying. However I think the quality of this product exceeds its cost – a value for sure. At $20.00 with Free Shipping, it’s absolutely worth buying.

Check out the iPad Leather Book Case on OrionGadgets site. And here are a couple low-quality cell phone pictures of my review unit (my real camera is AWOL):

Win this Case
Comment here and you could win this Case! Just let me know where you use your iPad most? Contest Open until 11:59pm ET (8:59pm ET) on Sunday July 18, 2010!

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  • Speedy1701

    I wonder if the leather case is a better protector than Apples' case?
    I would like to try it out!

  • Thanks for the review, I'm still in search for the perfect case. Been eyeing the Otterbox ones but they seem to have a few flaws. Use my iPad mostly around the house in the evenings after all day at the PC.

  • I use my ipad most in bed! reading, watching shows, playing games

  • Ooo, nice case. I use the Apple iPad case and it's already starting to show wear and tear..

    Also, thanks for the recommendation of the travel wall charger! I think I'm going to have to order this.

    Where do I use my iPad the most? I use it in my home office for working on my writing and illustration projects. I also use it for taking notes wherever I go — most recently, I've been using it to take notes when I rehearse with my band. Later this month, I'm taking it with me to a writers' conference.

    (@ipadgirl on Twitter)

  • I like this iPad case much more than the actual case made from Apple. Much sexier looking.

  • nbrunner

    This looks like a durable case. I mostly use my iPad while at Starbucks, travelling, daytimer, and reading iBooks

  • ShevCharko

    Typically speaking if I'm using the iPad, I'm either on the couch at home or laying in bed reading a book. I'm slowly integrating it into my work life though. Eventually I'm hoping to ditch the old pen and paper notes completely. Liking this case too. It's a much nicer design than the apple case without loosing much of the functionality I love about the apple case (namely the stand/lean orientations).

  • Fritz

    I use the iPad standing at a display at Best Buy or FS, fighting off hordes of curious onlookers and my own toddler (who actually owns all electronic devices in the world, and only lets us use them occasionally) while exposing myself to some of the more virulent staph strains that gather on the glass.

  • Greg

    In the armchair so far.

  • Ron

    Thanks for pointing this out! I assume it's $20 cdn. considering this is a Canadian site??

  • Ron

    I use my iPad mostly when I am on the road visiting with friends.

  • Scribbler

    I use my iPad case to read while sitting on my front porch in the evenings. This looks like a good case.

  • Topsly

    I carry my Ipad when I ride my motocycle. I love to surf the web while I'm at the beach since there's nรด wave to surf in the ocean here in New-Brunswick. I also like to use my Ipad on a terrace on m'y lunch break. I need good protection for my Ipad since it gets tossed a lot in m'y bike casing. I actually use the Apple case, that I put in a small laptop carrying case for extra protection. If I had this stronger leather case, I woul be able to use it as a standalone, in my tank bag, keeping the pad plugged to my helmet, so I could listen to my music while I ride (without draining my Iphone battery like I do now)!

  • Tim

    I use my iPad the most when I am On my bed. Thanks to this site now I have access to both pandora and abc player. Both if which improved my iPad experience by a lot. It originally replaced my aging netbook which both generated a lot of heat and fan noise which makes it annoying to use.

  • Eric Fortin

    I use mine mostly on kitchen counter/table while waiting for meals to be ready. I do not bring it to work or anything, it stays at home and when I am not using it, kids are (5 and 3yrs old) ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Livininvic

    I use my iPad at work. It's like having a little piece of home at the office.

    I just have to make sure to quickly exit my game of Osmos if the boss walks by…

  • Harpoon

    At work when I'm away from my computer.

  • My iPad is mainly for my commute. But it basically goes everywhere.

  • Michael0816

    This summer i spend most of my days watching the basketball league of my brother, i use my ipad to entertain other kids who are family friends to keep them busy. Also i use my ipad as it contains my portfolio for job interviews

  • The Apple case works well in the typing triangle but a little bit unstable in movie mode. Maybe the leather baby will be better?

  • Matt

    My iPad seems to get the most use at home; mainly while I'm lying in bed before going to sleep ๐Ÿ™‚

  • My iPad loves the the bathroom the most!

  • Stephen

    Neet Case! I use my ipad everyday for remote monitoring of several macs! from my car, from my home.. anywhere I am I can get a call and help with RemoteTap! Love it.. just wish RemoteTap was made for the iPad!

  • Hope you wash your hands!

  • rorypiper

    Nice case! I use my iPad mostly at home, but take it on car rides for my 6 year old daughter. Movies, games and stuff, keep her occupied the whole ride.

  • In the bathroom =P

  • My iPad has not left my room. It needs something to wear before I take it out.

  • G Pederson

    My iPad goes with me almost everywhere. I find I use it a lot at work now.

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  • Kpower14

    I use my iPad most at home but do take it to work everyday as well.
    I currently have the apple case but am always on a look out for something else.
    This one looks like a good candidate.

  • Mike

    I've been using it mostly at home, but more and more at work in the last couple of weeks!

  • John

    I use it at home and it's great when travelling.

  • Cobrastrike

    Looks really slick, and the pricepoint can't be beat! Am curious how well the prop arm really works for extended periods of typing.

  • Patt

    I use my iPad everywhere, it's in my purse!

    Next week I'm going to use it to prove to the care staff at his home that he's not demented, he's just dehydrated.

  • Oops2003

    Very, very nice case! A nice change from the basic (ie boring) black Incase case!

  • Oops2003

    I use my iPad everywhere- it's perfect for taking notes at work, reading books on the LRT and most importantly, I use it while sitting through my 4 hour med. treatments…I can watch movies, surf the net, listen to music, etc., etc. which really helps to kill the time!

  • techg

    This is good blog for mobile phones solutions,always good luck for future.Thanks… http://www.vivacases.com/

  • digik9

    Nice looking case. I use the iPad anywhere I'm waiting and also at school (I teach), in the car as a big GPS, at home on the couch while watching tv.

  • Great case for the long car rides, without worrying about the kids scratching it to heck.