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A Review of Bloomberg and Reuters Business Apps for the iPad

by on August 29th, 2010

The iPad really is a great device and has become a routinely used ‘computer’ in my home.  If you’re anything like me, you like to use your iPad to stay connected to the news.  So for this iPad update, I’m going to review two business apps that are absolutely free and provide current news in a really cool format for your iPad.

The first app is from Bloomberg and it’s appropriately called Bloomberg version 1.0.1.  This is a really cool app that takes things to a different level from the same app on the iPhone.  When you first open it up, it gives you a splash page with quick access to the most current news and splits up the rest of the screen for market index data, other news, your own personal stocks portfolio, currencies, bonds, and podcasts.  This is a must have app for any serious newshound (or stock trader) that needs access to the most up-to-date market data.  I really like how the splash page is organized as it enables you to have access to exactly the information you want at your fingertips.

The other app is the Thomson Reuters News Pro app.  Like Bloomberg, this is a native iPad app that doesn’t require you to stretch the application to fit your window like the iPhone version.  The News Pro app has a different feel from the Bloomberg app in that all the news is available on a main splash page and you’re able to scroll vertically through different categories to get the news you want.  Of course, it also has buttons that cover currencies, stocks, and market indices.

When comparing the two business apps, the Bloomberg app is more comprehensive and has a really slick interface.  So the question becomes, “why have both?”  My simple answer is these two apps have their own news feeds and you won’t get exactly the same news on both apps.  Thus, it widens your coverage on the news and gives you different views on what is happening in the world.  I can’t say I use one app more than the other because I honestly use them both the same amount.

Having used both apps since June, I have yet to discover all the innards and hidden easter eggs.  And for users of either or both apps, what would you like to see added/removed from the app(s)?

Bloomberg Business App for iPad:


-Great main splash page organizes all your news and important data feeds

-broad coverage of news across the globe

-great stock portfolio tracker which is handy for traders

-updated commodities pricing

Reuters News Pro App for iPad:


-while its organization of the day’s news is different from Bloomberg, it’s also polished and easy to use

-includes video reporting which is really handy for when you don’t want to read the news

-has a neat photographic archive to complement the week’s news

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