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30 days of iPad use: a review

by on September 17th, 2010

Well it has been just over 30 days since I finally got my hands on the iPad and I thought it would be a good time to write a quick review of my experience so far.

What I like

The format of the iPad (size, weight) is great for working, surfing or playing on a bigger screen without the bulk of a regular computer. I also like the battery life which allows for prolonged use without having to recharge. It can easily be travelled with and has the added bonus (sometimes anyway) of being a conversation starter.

I have found some interesting apps and games and the large format makes it a more enjoyable experience than on the small screens of a phone.

I’m sure the list could go on and I invite others to contribute in the comments…

What I don’t like

I bought the iPad so that it would be a “family” device to be shared among multiple people. (Yes I know, I’m sharing the iPad…) So although reading e-mail is possible on iPad I don’t like the fact that once it is configured it is not password protected to prevent others from reading or more importantly deleting e-mails from my account. Yes I can turn the account “off”, but turning it on doesn’t ask for the password again and it is also impossible to remove the password, so short of deleting and recreating the account each time it is as good as available to all.

In the same line of thought, some games I have installed are not exactly meant for young children and short of putting the games on a separate page, far away from the stuff they usually use, there is no way for me to prevent them from starting those games if they ever encounter them. Yes I am talking about some level of parental control.

The number of Apps is overwhelmingly large and the search capabilities, categories, etc. on the App store seem to be inadequate to say the least. Yes you can browse through some interesting stuff, and yes there are genius recommendations, but sometimes I think that there must be a better way to find interesting stuff. (BTW, if you know of a way let me know!)

What I eventually want to try

I have used the iPad for some work (blogging mostly), but I eventually want to explore more of the business environment uses for it. Mind mapping, taking notes, presenting and whatever else that might be of business interest. For that I will have to find more business and productivity apps…
My questions to the readers:

  1. Is there anything you don’t like about the iPad?
  2. What are your recommendations for business apps?

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  • Kenduesling

    My #1 app is GoodReader because it allows me to read a wealth of content in a varitey of formats within a well designed application. GR’s capability to xfer files between my iPad and my PC wirelessly is outstanding and effortless. Well done app.

  • Kenduesling

    As for mind mapping tools, I tried a couple and decided on iThoughtsHD. I wasn’t unhappy. It gives me the features I need. Clean UI.

    For something fun to impress friends and family, check out the Korg synthesizer, iElectribe.

  • Aloombox

    A few things I don’t like about the iPad (many of which will be resolved in the upcoming iOS4 in November), like hot having integrated email, printing, etc.

    One of the biggest issues I have with it is the glossy screen, I hate it, and not just on the iPad, I hate glossy screens in general.
    I know I can use an anti-glare screen protector but frankly a few of my friends have these on their iPhones and I am not big on them. One that might be different is the Moshi Ivisor, but at $30 I want to make sure it’s really what I want.
    One other thing is the the keyboard, not the fault of the iPad and it works beautifully, but since I am a touch typist (and a fast one) I do prefer tactile keyboards, I don’t like typing slowly or with two fingers.

    I love the Pages app, it’s simple to use and very nice, in fact the Pages app has impressed me so much, I am considering getting an iMac as my next computer!! I also like Keynote.

  • I haven’t had the chance to try Keynote yet but definitely have it on my list of “to do”… 🙂

  • Shadow

    +1 for GoodReader! I also like the fact that I can download PDFs directly from the Web and store them in GR.
    Not to mention the ease with which you can create a directory structure and move docs around.

  • Valyk

    You can configure the maximum Age Rating of the visible apps on the iPad. Simply use the “Restrictions” settings found in the “General” options page. The Restrictions page adds a lot of parental controls on the iPad for video, music and apps.

  • Brian

    My biggest gripe is that I want to be able to do handwritingnand drawing, but the precision is not there unless I write quite large/zoom in. I hope there will be better stylus support to make it a real note pad. I also agree with the glossy screen, a lot of reflection in light.

    Flash can be a problem, occasionally as well as some web forms, and I do so wish I could upload easier to my drop box and download files from safari.

    Otherwise I really love the reading capabilities and it has proven a workhorse with my Bluetooth keyboard. The games are fun (hope they expand). I am worried about the app store seemingly becoming iPad stagnant

  • I have to admit I haven’t been using my iPad as much after getting my iPhone 4. The Retina Display is so sharp that I enjoy looking at that screen more than my iPad. I’m almost thinking of selling my iPad now in anticipation of the ‘next’ iPad’s arrival! 😛

  • Bishopkingblack

    I agree 100% about the email thing. Apple need to include an option for password protecting folders, and email accounts.

  • Bishopkingblack

    I agree 100% about the email thing. Apple need to include an option for password protecting folders, and email accounts.