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What to do with your old iPad 1?

by on March 29th, 2011

Wow… What a rush! There’s nothing like a new product launch weekend to get your heart thumping while you’re standing in line waiting for the latest shiny-object. Thanks to Gary and his army of twitter followers for keeping all of us up to date with inventory numbers.

By now, I’m sure some analyst would have made up some over-inflated ridiculous weekend sales number that is sure to wow the stock market and investors [I’m looking at you Piper Jaffray and Gene Munster]. For the rest of us, though, life returns to normal. Or does it?

For the few (or many) of us who upgraded from a first-gen iPad, the hunt begins to find either a new home or an alternate use for their now less-lustrous device. Selling it on eBay or Kijiji may be the financially sound and wise decision, but there’s always concern that the flooding of used iPads on the market would significantly drive down resale value, making the effort meaningless. We, here at iPadinCanada, would like to present you with a few alternatives for your old machine.

Build Yourself An iPad Guitar

Gary already covered the intrepid journey of the iPad Guitar. You can find his coverage here. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can probably make a pretty reasonable iPad shovel or iPad plough. Perhaps I can interest you in building an iPad tennis racquet (please use the back panel) or an iPad oar for your row boat? The possibilities are limitless. After all, the iPad is a magical and revolutionary device.

Try Blending It!

Ever wanted to be like the Will It Blend guy? Now you could with your slightly more defunct tablet! (This is seriously not recommended. The Will It Blend guy is a professional. Do not try that at home.)

With jesting aside, perhaps you want some practical suggestions for your old iPad. Well, here are a few:

Share The Love

There’s definitely nothing wrong with sharing the love of tablet computing with those you love. The iPad 1 is barely a year old, and I’m sure it’s still in very good condition. Giving it to a family member can really help with their day to day routine. Besides, if you get them hooked on it, they may finally stop using that old Windows XP machine that you have to support remotely.

Help the World

Lastly, why not try to do some good for the world with your old device. CNET has a Gazelle site set up where you can sell old gadgets, with all proceeds going to Japan’s Red Cross. Looking to help closer to home? See if you can round up a number of fellow iPad owners and donate your iPads to a local school. I’m sure they will go a long way in continuing to improve technological literacy for kids, and help cash strapped schools with their computing needs.

Live in the US? Apple has partnered up with Teach for America to donate old iPads to teachers in low-income communities too. Donate your old tablet at any US Apple retail location.

Regardless of what you end up doing with your old iPad, just make sure to do a factory reset and wipe the entire system clean. You wouldn’t want your browser history being shown to the world.

As for me, I’ll probably hang on to the iPad 1 for a little longer and see what other practical uses it has around the pad. What about you? Are you planning on selling it? Giving it to your 2 year old to play with? Let us know in the comments below.

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