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Top 5 iPad Apps For School

by on September 9th, 2010

After going through much debate on whether an iPad is a suitable replacement for a netbook (or as Steve calls it “a piece of junk”), it has finally reached its first term at school (for most folks who didn’t take summer courses). Sure, many people call the iPad a giant iPod touch and use it mostly for music and games on a big tablet, but what about the times work needs to be done? Or maybe persuading yourself (or parents for those younger readers), that an iPad will be able to keep up with your studying (student+dying) habits? Here’s a list from a student to another:

1) Things for iPad $20

Whether it’s heading to class, going home to shower, shaving, picking up your date, or forgetting flowers on your anniversary, Things for iPad will be able to make a to-do list that is at your fingertips. A useful tool with a simple interface on remembering when homework needs to be done, or just other activities (school or not school-related) that may come up. So what about just using scrap paper? Well, firstly it looks good and easy to use (with badges on the icon as reminders), and secondly when you buy the app, remember to add the task of finding that piece of loose paper 🙂

2) Pages $10

One of the main things while working is to be able to write stuff down. With the ability to create documents from scratch or a variety of templates, this is probably the most useful application on this list. So why isn’t this ranked first on the list? Well, without a to-do list, you wouldn’t remember to buy this app right? 😉 Some of the key features of the app is the ability to export files from Pages format to either PDF or Microsoft Word documents. Also, you can sync the file to your computer via iTunes, or if your computer is not nearby, you can export via email or iwork.com.

3) Keynote $10 (A display cable will be required for connecting to the projector)

Another important aspect of school are the tutorial classes. One of the most common things that TA’s (teaching assistants) believe are a way to make homework more exciting is by asking students to do presentations and teach the class what they have read and learned. Yippee no? Using Keynote on the iPad, you’ll be able to create a presentation with relative ease. With photo effects/frames and a variety of themes, you’ll be able to have that fun homework experience the TA wants to have.

4) Popplet $9

By connecting your ideas together, Popplet creates a web linking many ideas on whatever the upcoming project may be. Not only can you paste words, you are able to categorize thoughts by colour, post pictures and even draw your own pictures from within the app. How often would you actually draw a picture on your iPad? For those times when you have to take down a chart or write down a math equation, words just don’t make the cut. Create a mind map and worry less about straying from the main topic when working.

5) Evernote $0

Finally, a free app on the list! Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s a bad app, in fact, it might be one of the most useful apps you can use (that’s why I put it in the list). Ever have the experience where you are reading something and wanted to read it again later but not remembering how to find it again, or an awesome plan on how to not have to live off instant packaged food while living on campus but forgot soon after? Here comes Evernote! By syncing quick notes that you take down, you create a small database of pictures, links, notes that you can come back to later. Good for jotting down sudden ideas, realizations or just saving the link of a funny Engrish picture.

Did I miss anything? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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