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Tether Your iPad with Your iPhone

by on March 1st, 2010

With the iPad pre-orders set to start any day now, most of you will need to decide whether to get the WiFi version or the WiFi+3G version. Now if you already have an iPhone (especially with Rogers 6GB data plan), you may wish to save a bit of cash and opt for the WiFi-only iPad, and wirelessly tether off your iPhone.

Jailbroken iPhones can install applications like MyWi ($9.99) which basically allows your iPhone to host a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing laptops and, yes, even your iPad to connect and “share” the iPhone’s data connection over Wi-Fi. The iPhone will appear just as a normal Wi-Fi hotspot would on your iPad and connection can be made while the phone is still in your pocket.

As many of you carry your cell phones wherever you go, there may not be a need to purchase another 3G device and pay additional monthly rates.

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  • rorypiper

    This is what I will be doing. I've gor the 6GB data plan with my iPhone, so there's no reason to get the 3G iPad. Great tip, for anyone trying to decide which model to buy.

  • jpraadt

    This is exactly what I intend to do as well, as I think I mentioned in the comments of another post. I can't really conceive of paying for another data plan through Rodgers, as we Canadians are unlikely to get the same sweet deal that AT&T is offering in the U.S.

    However, if a contract-free option was made available, I might consider signing up. Rogers/Telus/Bell had better announce something soon, though, as I likely won't hold out to buy the 3G model of the iPad, just to find out at the last minute that the TelCos are rolling out some mediocre deal that doesn't justify the additional $130+ expense.

  • duke_seb

    now what would be cool if if someone would make an app that somehow would tap into the iphones GPS aswell so you can utilize the internet connection and the location

  • wuju

    Question is would the non 3G model has compass build in? 130 for 3G and compass may be worth it, though I would tether with my jailbroken 6G plan iphone as well.

  • wuju

    i'm concern on how long the battery will last on the iphone using MyWi

  • I plan on doing this. Save myself some cash from buying the 3G and another Data plan 🙂

  • clueless

    Forgive my ignorance, but what's the difference between WiFi and WiFi+3G? … And could I tether an iPad through the Rogers wireless internet connection already available for a home MacBook Pro?

  • shurcooL`

    They just need to make the iPad able to tether off an iPhone officially. >_> It'd be proper thing to do. But I guess it won't be done, otherwise they will sell much less of the 3G models.