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So You Just Bought An iPad 2…And Didn’t Mean To

by on March 8th, 2012

You may have been a bit premature, or you just didn’t know that there was an iPad announcement yesterday, but you found yourself to be a new owner of an iPad 2, only to find out it’s yesterday’s news (or more accurately, news from 2 days ago). What do you do? Here’s a few options.

Suck it up. Keep the iPad 2.

Seriously. The iPad 2 is an amazing product 2 days ago, and it still is an amazing product now. It’s a great tablet. You should be happy. You know what would make you happier though? Price-matching. Many large chains will price match and refund the difference from your original purchase cost as much as 30 days after purchase. Best Buy and Future Shop both offer this, and given the price drops yesterday at both retailers, it should not be a big problem to waltz in and claim your newfound dollars. Check your retailer and see.

Refund it. Wait for the new Hotness.

Of course, you can always refund an iPad 14 days after purchase from any retailer [guilt-free, even], including the Apple Store. Of course, that would mean you’d be out of a tablet until the new iPad comes out.

Sell it to a sucker friend.

This should probably be your last resort since you’ll always end up losing out. Sell the iPad at full price and lose a friend, or sell it at a loss and lose the cash. It’s your call, but I’d seriously consider the first two options before going through with this.

Whatever you end up doing with the iPad 2, just remember that anything you’ve bought on the App Store or signed up for online are final. Those are real purchases that you’ll have to refund or undo separately. In any case, enjoy your iPad 2 (or not) and hope to see you on the other side of the new iPad age.

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